Airport security employee demanded 6K pesos when I flew flew to Dubai – OFW

OFW accuses an airport security employee of extortion

OFW accuses an airport security employee of extortion.

Airport security employee demanded 6K pesos when I flew flew to Dubai

The airport employees, particularly from the Office For Transport Security have been a hot item since the ‘tanim-bala’ exploded in the social media a few weeks ago.

Many people came out, mostly from the ranks of the overseas Filipino workers and even foreign tourists, to share their personal experiences of abuses involving OTS personnel using the ‘tanim-bala’ modus to extort money from their victims.

But the story I am about to share is another modus of NAIA employees.

I guess you’ve already heard of stories about Filipino tourists being stopped from traveling abroad despite presenting the necessary travel documents and bank statements to show that they are legitimate tourist, not a jobless Filipino using the tourist trump card to seek jobs in the country of their destination.

In light of this, many Filipinos are willing to pay under the table to be allowed to continue with their travel overseas.

But there are Filipinos who traveled to other countries pretending as tourists, particularly to United Arab Emirates and other parts of the globe seeking jobs once they managed to step foot on their country of destination. There is no law barring Filipinos to travel overseas because it is enshrined in our Constitution. The only problem is that not all countries will accept us willingly.

However, due to abuse by Filipino job seekers wishing to change their lot, the government has put in place a measure to stop the abuse by screening Filipino travelers to separate the real and the so-called ‘Filipino job seekers’ masquerading as a tourist.

Scalawags working at the airport has found a loophole to exploit and make money out of ordinary Filipinos who are forced by circumstances to go overseas for lack of job opportunities at home, making them the perfect victim for their modus.

Such is the case of a netizen who posted his complaint directed against an airport employee working under the Office for Transport Security.

The netizen alleged that Vivian Caleon from the OTS extorted six thousand pesos from him by introducing herself as an Immigration employee on the day he flew to Dubai. We can only speculate why the airport employee asked money from the OFW because he did not provide much detail on his post.

Furthermore, the OFW alleged that on top of the money he gave to the NAIA employee, he also sent an additional amount while in Dubai so that his friend could join him in the UAE. Unfortunately, it was a scam since his friend was unable to join him in Dubai presumably for failing to clear immigration.

In parting, the OFW said he will be filing a complaint against the OTS employee once he go home on vacation since he kept the receipt that would prove he is telling the truth and not making this up.

Check out the original post below.

Vivian Caleon- accused of extortion by OFW

Vivian Caleon- accused of extortion by OFW.

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