Alarmed radio host literally grabs Hilbay by the neck after hinting Leni Robredo will soon assume her rightful place–No.1?

While the nation was celebrating independence day, former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay posted something on Facebook that alarmed radio host Mark Lopez.

On Facebook, Hilbay posted a cinematic photo of VP Leni Robredo, standing erect in the drizzling rain, right hand touching the side of her right eyebrow or forehead, while looking far ahead.

Hilbay wrote an intriguing caption to describe the photo he just posted and read:

No 2, we’re all waiting for the day you assume your rightful place–No.1.

Hilbay used the hashtags:


Hilbay’s cryptic post went unnoticed until radio host and well-known Duterte supporter Mark Lopez saw it two days later.

Lopez went on to literally pinch Hilbay’s face, to whisk him away from dreamworld while alerting the public, especially Duterte supporters, of a possible sinister plot against Duterte.

It does not matter if its raw information or simply a wishful thinking on Hilbay’s part.

Lopez ended the post by daring Hilbay to proceed with their plan.


Leni’s rightful place is number ONE, meaning the presidency?!!!

Is Hilbay onto something we don’t know?

Everyone knows that the only time she will be president is when something happens to the current president.

It’s not even a right Florencia, it is simply fate.

Why would Leni’s rightful place be number one when it was clear as day that she ran for the VP post only?

Leni herself never said anything about being president. By what right has she got to claim the presidency?

Is Hilbay hinting that they have a plot to install Leni as president?

Gago ka ba Florencia?

Subukan nyo…

Hilbay’s post has been met with ridicule and harsh criticism on Facebook.

Cessy Rodriguez Minas: “Bakit rightful place? Kanya ba ang presidency from the beginning of May 2016?”

Debbie Maquidato: “I like his hastag of babaeako. meaning ba nyan, babae sya?”

Saldy Bonifacio: “Kaw naman, libre daw mangarap. Its Hilbay’s typical political wet dream”

Ivy Aliposa: “Mangarap ka to the max.dahil puro panaginip nalang yan..magkamatayan man!👊👊👊”

Reigne Del Rosario: “Baka maging#1 kapag namatay yuong original #1nialamnyona…. mahabaging panginoon.. wag naman po..”

Krizette Laureta Chu: “Baka ibang number 1… Baka number 2 sya ngayon sa ibang bagay. Baka mas importante kay Leni maging number 1 dahil pagod na sya maging number 2 lang and it doesn’t have to be political 🙂”

Your thoughts?

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