Alejano mocks PNP Chief Bato’s coup d’ etat dare: “I do not suggest it pero pag nangyari ito walang iyakan ha, Gen Bato”

During the annual PMA alumni homecoming on Saturday, February 17, 2018, PNP Cheif Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa dared government enemies to launch a coup d’ etat and he will give them war.

“You want to bring down the Duterte administration? Over my dead body. Giyera tayo. Kayo, kung gusto niyo giyera, hinahamon ko kayo. Gusto niyo ng kudeta, magkudeta kayo. Giyera tayo. Huwag niyo kong takutin,” Bato told reporters.

The PNP Chief’s bold statement peeved opposition Representative Gary Alejano, a known bitter critic of the Duterte government.

Alejano wasted no time to write a mocking response to the PNP chief’s coup d’ etat dare on Facebook.


Ano ba ang kudeta? Alam niya ba na ang hinahamon niya dito ay mga sundalo at police?

According to the Revised Penal Code ART. 134-A. Coup d’etat – How committed. – The crime of coup d’etat is a swift attack, accompanied by violence, intimidation, threat, strategy or stealth, directed against duly constituted authorities of the Republic of the Philippines, or any military camp or installation, communications networks, public utilities or facilities needed for the exercise and continued possession of power, singly or simultaneously carried out anywhere in the Philippines by any person or persons, belonging to the MILITARY OR POLICE or holding any public office or employment, with or without civilian support or participation, for the purpose of seizing or diminishing state power.

I do not suggest it pero pag nangyari ito walang iyakan ha, Gen Bato.

Alejano’s response to PNP Chief “Bato” has been received well by the LP followers.

Rhoza Pettel says: “Matapang lang sa kapwa niya Pilipinong walang kalaban laban mga bata lang kaya.. pero yung umangkin sa isla di niya pagsalitaan.. pusong batong iyakin pag nsa senate.”

Jun Arcangel remarks that “Bato” fears no one and does not back down from anything except from firecrackers. “Ang tapang ni bato..walang kinakakatatakutan..walang inaatrasan liban lang sa rebentador..mwahahaha”

Meanwhile, Danilo Marcilla thinks “Bato’s” statement daring Duterte’s enemies to launch a coup is a sign of insecurity. “It is a sign of insecurities he knows that the military is not 100% agree on wat his master are doing right now. Even though the salary of the military had been increase.”

Rep. Gary Alejano is a Magdalo Party representative, Trillanes’ colleague in the 2003 Oakwood and 2007 Manila Peninsula mutinies.

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