Alleged missing activists surfaces at CHR office, DDS lawyer scoffs at leftist groups seeking solace there because no one believes them other than CHR?

DDS lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles’ Facebook post couldn’t help but express one’s disdain at the misguided young activists who think they can change the world with their newly-found ideology.

Angeles started off by pointing out the irony of ironies – the youth activists join leftist organizations because they were sold of the righteousness of their cause and yet, they can’t even convince their families the righteousness of what their fighting for.

To think Angeles remarked, their families loved them so selling one’s idea would have been easy.

Angeles jeered at the leaders of the leftist groups who need to run to CHR to find an ally that they can convince of the righteousness of their cause.

Want to change the world? Campaigning for change? 
Yet you cannot convince your own families of the righteousness of your cause?

Di nyo mabenta yng ideology at idealism ninyo sa pamilya ninyo, eh partida na nga at mahal kayo. Kailangan nyo pang tumakbo sa CHR para maghanap ng kakamping makukumbinsi ninyo?


Check out the comments of netizens below.

Netizen Rj Manzano commented that leaders of leftist groups, together with their recruits went to the CHR to belie allegations they kidnapped the kids, so that the parents won’t sue them.

Pumunta yan sa CHR para hindi sila kasohan ng magulang…f i were the parent tuloy ang demanda..

Romulo D. Alviso remarked that its a common knowledge the kind of people in CHR – CPP/NPA supporters.

Everyone knows what kind of people are there in CHR. Mga alagad ng CPP/NPA mga yan. At the expense of government pa.

Marsemplice Abante said the whole thing was scripted and made up for propaganda purposes.

They dressed up. Smile you’re on cam. Maybe for now. But the truth shall prevail. Please God help these kids and their families

Olivia Quinco commented that one day these kids will realize nothing is more important than ones family.

One day, you will realize how important your family than the organization you deal with. But it’s too late for you to cope up with your own mess.

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