Alunan agrees with Duterte’s refusal to wage war against China: Going to war without any chance of victory is stupid

“We cannot stop China from doing its thing. Even the Americans were not able to stop them.”

Duterte has been maligned, insulted on social media by his critics for saying that he won’t go to war with China for Scarborough Shoal.

The statement came after he was prompted for reaction regarding the news report that China is planning to build a radar station in Panatag or Scarborough Shoal.

That statement give Duterte’s critics the signal to attack, malign Duterte on social media.

Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III took to Facebook to defend Duterte’s stance on Scarborough Shoal.

Let us read together former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III Facebook post.


Those who want to go to war should first have the means to wage war. If those means are still being acquired and developed, then common sense says to shut the hell up unless you’re psychopathically suicidal and don’t care what happens to your hapless kababayans.

Going to war is a big deal. First the nation has to be united to wage it. Then, It must have the money to fund it. And, It must have the guile and the weapons to win it. One has to be ready. Going to war without any chance of victory is stupid. Stupidity kills unnecessarily.

Defense in the absence of a credible military shield that’s still work-in-progress should be waged in other fronts, which we are doing. The legal front is one where we’ve emerged victorious. The other is diplomatic with international law backing us up. Building defense alliances is another.

We should mobilize our netizens here and abroad to deliver truthful information of what’s happening in the West Philippine Sea and in Benham Rise. We must develop a counterfoil to disinformation as well as an effective cyber shield to protect our data systems and vital infrastructure.

There’s a lot we can do now while we’re building our capacities for credible deterrence which takes time. There’s a time and place for everything. Right now the time is for peacemaking because peace is preferred to war. But if war comes to our doorstep, we must be ready by that time to defend ourselves.


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