Alunan on de Lima: “What a shameful situation. In other societies,they would have ended their lives long ago.

Former DILG Secretary Raffy Alunan III lamented that in other societies, when a government official is accused of a wrongdoing, they would have ended their lives long ago.

In a Facebook post, the former DILG Secretary wants to see cases filed against the government officials tagged in the illegal drug trade for the courts to decide their innocence or guilt.

Until then, these individuals will do everything to remove the biggest thorn in their power by undermining Duterte’s administration.

What is apparent is the stonewalling by familiar faces and voices utilising all kinds of techniques to discredit the Du30 administration and get PRRD out of the way through foul means – from black propaganda to physical intervention.

The destabilization moves of the government official who are feeling the heat of Duterte’s campaign against corruption and illegal drugs have their own followers who do the bidding of their masters.

The gullible and accomplices are legion, here and abroad, enough to cause trouble, chaos and confusion. The stupid and the ruthless together in the same rotten loony bin citing the criminal’s “human rights.”

Secretary Alunan wonders how much damage these noisy few could do to Duterte before we take a united stand as a nation and hammer them down?

How many deaths should be credited to them to smear and frame Du30, silence potential squealers and send a “chilling message” to potential double-crossers? Let’s do our homework – let’s connect the dots and take action.

The former DILG Secretary ended his post by giving us a warning that read:

This is a dirty war because the drug menace is now a national security crisis. Our nation is in serious trouble and we have a President who knows it fully well to take drastic action to save present and future generations from ruin.

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Source: Rafael Alunan III


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