Alunan: People in power like de Lima who aided the syndicates for self-gain deserve capital punishment

“People of the Philippines, your President is a murderer.” 

This is part of the statement issued by Senator Leila de Lima during a speech in response to the senate committee report on extra-judicial killings wherein it was declared that there is no such thing as state-sponsored killings of drug personalities.

De Lima cited President Duterte’s speech as the proof that that he is the mastermind of such extrajudicial killing wherein he said: ‘Hindi ko pababayaan ang mga pulis na ito dahil ako ang may utos.’

However, former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III strongly disagrees with Sen. Leila de Lima’s assertion via his latest Facebook post.

“The definitive statement on the anti-crime campaign should be: The real murderers – narco-politicians, drug syndicates, corrupted criminal justice system – have killed tens of thousands through the years – before the Du30 administration inherited the raging forest fire from connivance and criminal negligence 5 months ago. Millions more have been addicted that’s impacting on many millions more – victims of thrill killings, rape, theft, armed robbery at home and in the streets – causing widespread fear and anxiety.”

The former DILG Secretary said people like de Lima who connived with the drug syndicates deserves capital punishment.

It’s become a national security threat because people in power like D5 aided and abetted the syndicates for self-gain. They truly deserve capital punishment. Let them OD on the deadly stuff they peddle to corrupt and control Philippine society and government.

He said the war against illegal drugs is dirty but the government is stepping up to protect the people and resolve a complex problem.

Government is now stepping up to protect the people and resolve the complex problem. The resistance is stiff from all directions by those under the influence. It’s a dirty war because the targets kill and have money to fight back on all dimensions. It’s in their DNA. You don’t solve it with naivetè. You get down and dirty, and gut it out until law and order is restored.

“That’s the real narrative,” he argued.

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