Alunan shares valuable insight why the NPA’s thrives in mineral-rich Mindanao. Must read!

In the wake of the ambush killing of 4 policemen in Davao del Sur, a former government official shared his valuable insight why the NPA’s thrive in the country.

Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III took to Facebook to share his thoughts why the NPA insurgents continue to prosper in Mindanao and other parts of the country.

Check the post below.

We’ve been fighting all kinds of insurgents long before we became a Republic and we’re still at it. At the root of it all is injustice. After all this time, we still haven’t solved the problem. Are we that stupid?

The NPA down there have lots of money to buy the loyalty of the rural folks which they get from the gold mining operations, revolutionary taxes, regular contributions from their political links and income from other businesses.

They can afford to move freely, equip themselves at par with the PNP, and have the sympathy of local media. Reason: poor governance, poor grasp of counter-insurgency basics, poor coordination and teamwork.

When will we ever learn?

Rest in peace PO1 Rolly Belayo, PO1 Joe Narvasa, PO1 Saro Mangutara and PO3 Jayden May Rabor.”

Let us check how the netizens respond.

Elmo Castillo Tadina commented on the lack of equipments of our PNP personnel especially their weapons and vehicles: “Dapat e-upgrade ang lahat na police vehicles and firearms. Kailangan din ng special training ang mga police personel na naka assign sa hot areas to counter and fight insurgents. Kawawa naman sila. Walang kalaban-laban sa mga traidor at tulisan. Kung Sino pa ang nag lilingkod sa bayan at mamamayan sila pa ang kulang sa budget para sa kanilang pangangailangan sa mga legitimate operations. Samantala ang mga senador at congressman milyon-milyon ang budget napunta lng sa ghost project. Tay Digong, it’s your time to make things right.”

Mawe Baba agreed with the assessment of Elmo: “Maybe it’s time for our Government to develop MRAPs (Mine Resistant Armored Personell Carriers) and JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicles) because these insurgents just won’t agree with our government with whatever peace talks.”

Another netizen named Anton Faust questioned our lack of armored vehicles to protect our policemen: “I Don’t understand why the police do not have at the very least armored carrier escorts for the police cars and pickups specially in rural areas where it is essentially a state of war between the AFP/PNP and NPA. Ideally the personnel carriers mismo should be armored and not passenger cars or open pickups. If there is no budget then improvise and attach locally prefab armor plates or buy the police bulletproof vests.”

Your thoughts, please!

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