Alunan wants sedition charges against dual citizen seeking Duterte ouster, wants him/her declared persona non-grata

In the midst of the controversy generated by the call of Mrs. Loida Lewis, a Fil-Am lawyer who asked President Duterte to step down, some netizens have offered proposals on how to handle people like Mrs. Lewis.

One notable netizen whose opinion merited blog space is none other than former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III who took to Facebook to say his piece on the Loida Lewis controversy.

According to him, “Any person, foreign or local, engaged in SEDITION carries penalties in the Revised Penal Code.” “A dual citizen inciting abroad breaks new ground. If legally feasible, a case could be filed in the host country, win it there, then seek extradition (if a treaty exists),” he added.

Pending the resolution of the sedition charges, Alunan wants the Philippine government to declare the dual citizen “persona non grata.”

Pending that, a cancellation of the privilege could be one immediate action as well as declaring the offender/s “persona non grata.” The DFA, DOJ and Congress should look into the various options to deal with offensive persons used to “having their cake and eating it too.”

He said people who meddles in the government affairs with impunity like its a privilege causing the great divide between haves and have-nots must go if the Philippines is to flourish.

In fairness to former DILG Secretary Alunan, he refused to name the person being alluded to in the Facebook post.

He cited the law on “sedition” to give the public an idea of its scope and definition. Please follow the link below to read the full post.

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