Amateur video belies ABS-CBN’s claim OtsoDiretso’s campaign rally led by Leni Robredo in Hongkong attended by huge crowd?

Before Facebook and Twitter, the public relied on mainstream media like ABS-CBN for news updates.

The public, without the benefit of an alternative source had no other choice but to believe what mainstream wants us to believe.

But things changed when social media like Facebook and Twitter came.

Now, the public now enjoys an alternative source for their news update needs.

As per ABS-CBN news report, the OtsoDiretso campaign in Hongkong was huge success.

However, a video debunking that ABS-CBN report re OtsoDiretso campaign rally in Hongkong has been making the rounds online.

The initial part of the video showed a male ABS-CBN reporter doing a live video reporting saying VP Leni Robredo led a “malaking campaign rally” of OtsoDiretso in Hong Kong’s Central Business District.

The ABS-CBN reporter added that as per interview with OtsoDiretso supporters, many OFW’s have expressed their support for the OtsoDiretso bets in the coming election.

The next part of the video showed a video clip taken by a female President Duterte wherein she captured boisterous crowd of OFW’s chanting ‘Duterte, Duterte’ as the OtsoDiretso bets stood in the makeshift stage.

The woman stated that a huge number of OFW’s were present in the Business District when the OtsoDiretso bets held their campaign rally but simply ignored the event by keeping a good distance from the opposition senatorial bets.

The Facebook page Vovph called ABS-CBN “Saksakan ng sinungaling” in reaction to the video that caught ABS-CBN once again peddling a lie to the public.

Well, ABS-CBN was not alone in making such claim.

A Facebook page sympathetic to the proposition bets also made that claim.

The followers of VoVph also expressed their indignation towards ABS-CBN in the comment section.

A netizen claiming she was in the Business District when the OtsoDiretso had their campaign rally described the event ‘nilangaw’ or attended by a thin crowd.

Rosita Urmenita Catre Ulol bugok.abscbn dito kaming sa hk nilagaw iyong rally kampo nyo.tae malakas mga dds supporter sigaw puro fake new balita nyo.wala kyo uto ,kahapon dedma mga ofw sa inyo.ulol

Meanwhile, netizen Van de Leon remarked it’s time to shut down ABS-CBN. “Panahon nang isara ang abias cbn… kapit sa otso bobo ang ito.. hindi magsinungaling ang mga live updates nang OFWs.. jahahaha””]

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ABS-CBN Saksakan ng sinungaling

Posted by VOVph on Sunday, March 10, 2019

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