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Ambush ni Kim Chu: Isang drama lang — Veteran Ilonggo broadcaster Manuel Mejorada offers two conspiracy theories

Sa bawat krimen, ang pinaka-unang tanong na papasok sa isang ulo ng isang imbestigador ay, ano ang motibo? What is the motive?

This is how a crime investigation starts, especially in cases where the suspects who committed the crime are not identified. “Diyan po nag-uumpisa ang bawat imbestigasyon. Lalo na po kung di na-identify o natukoy ang gumawa ng krimen yung tinatawag nation na suspect.”

Manuel Boy Mejorada, 43 years as a broadcast journalist in the profession, says he has extensive experience in covering police crime stories.


“What was the motive?” According to Mejorada, this the first question that came to his mind right away when he heard about the news of the ambush of the van owned by actress Kim Chiu in QC last Wednesday, March 4, 2020 and until now, the police does not know or established the motive of the crime. According to Mejorada, in journalism parlance, it is called facing a blank wall.

Mejorada described Kim Chiu as a good child, no known enemies that may have the motives to have her killed, her name was not dragged in any controversy, the type of person that almost everybody loves even if that person thinks of doing something bad to Ms. Kim Chiu can be already considered a crime.

The question now according to Mejorada, “Who gave the order to spray the vehicle of of Kim Chiu with bullets?” To which Mejorada said that until now, the motive has not been established and they can find any answer to the question, “Bakit?” Why?

Mistaken Identity

Someone raised the possibility of mistaken identity or she was mistook as someone else. Mejorada said this is stupidity. Why? Bakit?

Because according to Mejorada before the actual crime is carried out, the gun for hire will conduct a careful study of their target(s). One of which is called casing or surveillance to establish the pattern of their target. For example, what time the target goes home, type of vehicle the target use, route the target use when going to work, best location to execute the ambush – the place where the flow of traffic slows down. Mejorada said that the police should rule out by now the theory of mistaken identity.

Based on what he saw in TV reports where the bullets hit their mark on the car of Ms. Kim Chiu, Mejorda believed that the gunmen had no plan to kill or hurt Ms. Kim Chiu.

He said eight bullets were fired and yet the bullet marks were scattered. That he said is not how a gun-for-hire chooe his shots. If they have the intent to k!ll Ms. Chiu, they should have concentrated their shots where the actress usually take her seat or what they call grouping.

Mejorada remarked he had observed a lot of things in the Kim Chiu’s ambush story. For instance, he can’t see in the face of Ms. Kim Chiu the intense fear in her face because of the incident. Mejorada described Chiu’s face “cool na cool”. She did not look shocked and traumatized. This is not what you commonly see in an individual who almost lost one’s life in a shooting incident. Even in a holdup, when someone pointed a knife at you and your money was taken from you by force, for sure you will recover in along while. How much more in a situation like this? If this ambush was true and you almost died, and went straight to your shooting like Ms Kim Chiu after the incident, it seems to him she just left the set where there was an ambush scene.

Mejorada said that his long experience covering the police beat tells him, this is staged ambush. The goal of the shooting incident, Mejorada expressed 100% confident, that Ms. Kim Chiu’s life was not the goal of the gun-for-hire to end but they have a much deeper motives.

Mejorada offered two theories.

First, it was part of a destabilization plot against President Duterte. The people behind the incident wants to show that the crime in the country is widespread, especially k!llings perpetrated by the riding-in-tandem. Because Kim Chiu was the supposed target, they think it will rouse the people to anger versus President Duterte and they want to make it appear, that President Duterte has no more control of the criminality in the country. It appeared to him, this is a sequel of the Bikoy videos. Mejorada said we are all aware that the dilawans are not resting in concocting plans to oust Duterte.

Second, it is one way of gaining huge public sympathy for ABS-CBN. Mejorada said it is a fact many people love Kim Chiu. Because of this incident, many people have expressed their sympathy, love and support for Ms Kim Chiu. Mejorada said he is a malicious person when it comes to things like this. He said he can’t help but think ABS-CBN will benefit from the outpouring of public support and sympathy as a result of Kim Chiu’s ambush story. He remarked ABS-CBN is having a hard time getting sympathy or the support of the people as their franchise is set to expire on May 4, 2020 and they need to do a gimmick to sway public opinion towards their favor. Mejorada clarified it was his theory.

Mejorada ended the video, asking the people to take a closer look if the points he raised are valid.

You may watch the video below.

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Source: YouTube/Manuel Mejorada

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