American expat is fighting the biggest fight of his life: making our roads safe again for travel. But why?

An American expat living in Bohol is fighting the biggest fight of his life: making our roads safe again for travel. But why bother?

Credits to Mark E. Wilkins

Mark E. Wilkins from San Diego, California met a fatal accident on February 1, together with Filipina wife in Dampas District, Tagbilaran, Bohol who did not survive the accident.

Mark said that they were sideswiped and overran on our motorbike, by the big yellow bus. His wife Rose Perez Balongga, 32 did not survive.

According to the Bohol Chronicle, “a motorcycle passenger was killed after the vehicle which was driven by a foreigner was sideswiped by an overtaking Southern Star bus along Bantol Street, Barangay Dampas, Tagbilaran City.
The accident which happened at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.” [Bohol Chronicle]

Mark is doing this to build up awareness because he believes that together, we can make a difference and we will make our roads safe again for travel.

Read the full text of Mark Wilkins post below.


I want to call attention to the people of the Philippines, so we can show our discontent to Ceres bus lines. and have our elected officials take action so no more lives be ended needlessly by the Ceres Bus lines.

I am Mark Wilkins, involved in the fatal bus accident in Dampas District on February 1, that has been in the news, radio, and papers. We were overran and sideswiped on our motorbike, by the big yellow bus. Rose did not make it, died instantly as the bus ran over her.

Please forward this and share after you read. We need to expand the awareness of the reckless bus lines. We all have seen how they drive and handle themselves on the road.

I will ask to meet with the Honorable Governor Edgar Chatto, who I previously met at an dinner engagement. He is also the chairperson of the Emergency response medical team. This team , TARSIER, did an incredible job trying to save Rose and helping me. They were fast, professional and empathetic. I have great respect for TARSIER.

Help us build up an awareness and we can make a difference, we will make our roads safe again for travel. Share and tell everyone you share with to share. Translate into Tagalog to pass on to non English speakers, Please, you can make a difference. Share now.

Have a Blessed Day,

The driver  Luciano Tiu Jr., 45 years old is now facing multiple charges like reckless imprudence resulting to homicide and physical injury.

As of this writing, the post has gathered 2,417 shares, 1,486 reactions and 124 comments and counting.

A commenter claimed a relative suffered the same fate due to the recklessness of Ceres Bus drivers.

“The incident was the second accident involving a Ceres bus in 2017 and ninth in just over a year,” Bohol Chronicle said.


Source: Mark Wikins


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