American official confirms Sotto’s exposé on 2016 election cheating: “Marcos lost 1M votes due to massive cheating!”

The public has been in the dark since May 2016 as to how Marcos lost 1M votes to a shady Smartmatic early dawn move while everyone was sleeping.

But the recent exposé of Senator Vicente Sotto III may change all that.

And to add more wrinkles to Robredo’s face, an American official who refuses to identify himself, confirmed what the public suspected all along, that Marcos was cheated in a phone conversation with political blogger Jose Alejandrino.

During the resumption of Sen. Vicente Sotto III’s expose on alleged cheating in 2016 election, the senator bared 3 earth-shaking revelations to the public.

Smartmatic election fraud

Credits to Glenn Chong for the meme.

1. Existence of 4 “suspicious” queuing servers

2. Covert set up of 7 regional hubs by COMELEC

3. Non-transmittal of Bongbong Marcos 1.7 million votes.

According to the evidence shown to Senator Tito Sotto, Smartmatic used 2 Domain Name System (DNS) in the may 2016 election.

Server 1 (SRVCNTADNS01) or A DNS was utilized starting May 9 until May 10.

Server 2 (SRVCNTADNS02) or B DNS was used on May 10 to May 11.

Sotto alleged that the the decision to change DNS was not not done on a whim but planned ahead.

Setting up the server like the DNS is not easy task and any wrong move could result to data loss or system crash.

The DNS server tells the vote counting machines to send the election results at designated consolidation and canvassing system (CCS).

A DNS was initially used in transmitting election results starting at 5:01 PM on May 9.

B DNS was used staring at 2:59 AM, May 10 until 6:46 PM on May 11.

Chong urged the public to take note of the time when the change of DNS occurred which was 2:59 AM on May 10 because this was the critical part.

According to the transmitted results from the Transparency Server, Marcos one-million-vote lead was wipe-out when the result from Clustered Precinct 68110023 (Surigao del Norte) at 3:08 AM on May 10, just 9 minutes after the DNS server change.

Chong noted that the DNS server change coincided when Robredo decimated Marcos one-million-vote lead.

Before Smartmatic introduced the DNS server change, the log file showed thousands of IP addresses making queries to A DNS. This means, thousands of IP addresses are individual IP addresses of each vote counting machines that directly make queries to A DNS.

The introduction of B DNS changed all that.

Only 4 IP addresses were noted in the log file.

The VCM’s, rather than making direct queries to the B DNS, it is directed to a checkpoint or a queuing server.

The QUEUING servers are now making the queries to the B DNS in behalf of the individual vote counting machines.

Remember that before the DNS server change, VCM’s (vote counting machine) communicates with the A DNS directly to ask where to send the election results.

Aside from making queries, QUEUING servers also instruct the vote counting machines (VCM) where to send the election results instead of the B DNS.

This was recorded in the log file of B DNS, wherein 4 IP addresses of the 4 QUEUING SERVERS were noted in the log file.

Ching concluded that BBM led Robredo by 1 million votes before the DNS server change. The opposite occured when the B DNS server was introduced and Marcos lead was decimated completely.

“In other words, habang ginagamit ang regular na A DNS, lumamang si BBM. Pero nang ginamit na ang ma-anomalyang B DNS with queuing servers, si Robredo na ang lumamang.” Coincidence? I very much doubt it!

Chong ended the post by calling out former COMELEC Chairman Sixto Brillantes, telling him to pay attention.


Kayo ang tinutukoy ni Tito Sen ng sabihin niyang yung mga taong nagpapasok ng Smartmatic noong 2015 ay dapat huwag ng makialam. Ibigay na lang ang mga dokumento at mga log files na kakailanganin sa imbestigasyon ng Senado.

Di ba kayo ang pumirma ng privately negotiated contract na ayusin ng Smarmatic ang mga lumang PCOS machines upang mailusot ito sa 2016 elections? Pinirmahan ninyo ito 3 araw bago kayo bumaba sa pwesto noong February 2, 2015. Yung nga lang, ibinasura ito ng Korte Suprema dahil sobrang labag sa batas. Kaya kayo kinasuhan ng plunder.

Take heed!

Meanwhile, netizen Adolfo Mortera re-posted the phone conversation between American official and blogger Jose Alejandrino, claiming the American intelligence community was aware of the massive fraud in the 2016 election.

The American official, using the name John, said three guys sent there paid by some police generals. Same guys who operated in Venezuela during the Maduro election.

Local drug lords allegedly funded the operation.

“They hit Duterte first but when his lead became too wide, they dropped the idea. It would have been too obvious. So they focused on making sure Marcos didn’t win. They narrowed the gap so Robredo would make it. She won by a small margin. 200,00O votes?” John narrated.

Here’s an excerpt of the conversation between the American official named John and Jose Alejandrino.

ME: How many did they shave off from Duterte?

JOHN: Our info is just over a million. He should have gotten 17.7 million.

ME: That’s pretty close to the estimate I gave you. I said between 17 to 18 according to the private polls I took.

JOHN: It was a good estimate.

ME: What about Marcos? My estimate was 2 million.

JOHN: His real tally was 1.5 million over Robredo. But they switched it around. Also they fiddled Escudero. About half a million. Escudero’s real score was 5.3 million.

ME: So Robredo should have gotten only 12 million.

JOHN: That’s right.

According to the American official, they believed the election cheating had the blessing of former President Aquino.

Should you wish to read the entire conversation, you may visit the link below.

Source: Glenn Chong

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