American slams netizen who fell short of calling Filipinos “ingrates” amidst Duterte-Obama controversy

A netizen fell short of calling Filipinos “ingrates” while attacking Duterte in light of the alleged “Putang Ina” controversy. The response is interesting!

The netizen got angry after some Filipinos bashed the Americans and called them hypocrites.

For the benefit of the readers, below is the comment posted by “Gary” in response to the article here.

Such a fucking bullshit that you’re all trying to pull here. If Duterte isn’t referring to Obama when he was cursing, he will not use those words together with his criticisms of America and he would’ve mentioned that he was misquoted during his formal apology right? Moreover, even if Duterte didn’t say “you son of a whore,” how do you explain: “Who does he think he is? I am no American puppet. I am the president of a sovereign country and I am not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people.” That’s a nicer way to say “Fuck him. I’m not their bitch. I only answer to my peeps.” You see, it’s equally derogatory however angle you want to sell your BS.

You’re calling the U.S. hypocrites. Well, what do you call Filipinos who criticizes the U.S. while enjoying the following:

1) Over $700M worth of security and humanitarian aid from the U.S.
2) Over $5B a year worth of trade goods sold to the U.S. while the U.S. is receiving far less from the Philippines.
3) Access to manufacturing and call center jobs that would’ve otherwise been given to Americans and their families.
4) Over 70,000 Americans died for the Philippines and billions of U.S. tax payers money spent to liberate it from Japan and the list goes on and for what in return?

What do you call yourselves who are calling us hypocrites? You’re certainly enjoying your freedom and livelihood at the expense of the U.S.

An American, who called the Philippines home for an indeterminate period, wasted no time in posting a point by point rebuttal in response to the comment made by ‘Gary’ in the thread.

Check out the long, yet an informative response of the American aka Shaman below.

I believe you have some facts crossed. First, I am an American, not of Filipino descent. I have lived in the Philippines, however, I heard the speech and read the transcript, and I know how the term in question is used. It was obvious in watching the speech that Duterte was NOT referring to Obama in his speech – but was cursing in frustration at the reporters asking the question.

In regard to each of your points. First, Duterte is correct. He does not answer to Obama, nor should he. It would be the same situation if (as he used to do often) Fidel Castro called out the US President for US race relations.
Next – US aid to the Philippines has averaged only about $200 million per year over the last five years. Most of this recently has been military aid, and it exists specifically because of what the Philippines grants to the US – access to deep water ports for our Navy right next to the South China Sea. It is the only location within thousands of miles and the closest to China’s naval bases in the area where the US can maintain a presence to counter China’s expansionist policies. This access is worth FAR MORE than the aid given – it is crucial to US interests. So your statement that the US receives nothing from the Philippines is patently false.

Next, the trade balance with the Philippines is in their favor – by a total of about $1.2 billion. The Philippines exports about 5.7 billion $ of product to the US, and imports about 4.5 billion $ of product to the US. Ironically, this number is actually highly misleading. Want to know what company is the largest exporter from the Philippines to the US? Intel. A single American company exports $1.5 billion of product to the US from the Philippines (do the math – that is the total difference – and an American company is responsible).

I am really laughing at your call center job comment, for a number of reasons. The very first call center set up in the Philippines was founded by an American in 1992. Not only that, the some of the largest call center operators in the Philippines are names you may recognize – Citibank, Safeway, Chevron, Aetna. Filipinos did not take jobs that would have been in the US. US companies made the decision to go there. You cannot put the world back into a 1950s bottle – it is too interconnected, and companies, even American companies, will choose the most value for the least cost. These jobs were never going to be in the US.

Your WWII comment was the most offensive. I had the honor of attending the Bataan Death March 60th anniversary in the Philippines. For your general education, the seventy thousand individual soldiers who participated in that hell were about 16,000 American, and about 54,000 Filipino. Note that at this time the Philippines was a colony of the US, so the Filipinos participating WERE PART OF THE US MILITARY. About 2,300 Americans died on the march. About 10,000 Filipinos did. Filipinos fought alongside Americans throughout that war, and even to this day about 10-15% of the current US Navy is made up of Filipinos or those of Filipino descent. The Philippines lost over 57,000 soldiers in World War II, and over 900,000 civilians. Moreover, Filipinos fought alongside Americans in every battle in the Pacific Theater – and why not? At the time, once again, they WERE US SOLDIERS. So before you spout off about how Americans saved the Philippines, why don’t you actually check history. More Filipinos saved Americans in the Philippines than the other way around. I saw an 80 year old American man crying at that anniversary hugging the 80 year old Filipino soldier who had carried him for two days. If he had been left behind, he would have been dead.

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Source: American resident in RP


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