American TV host praise Duterte’s threat of leading the UN exit amidst criticism from UN body

Although President Duterte already made the clarification that his threat of a UN exit for RP, a rhetoric, I think this video is worth sharing!

Recently, an American TV host took notice of Duterte’s threat of leading the UN exit of RP has been circulating online.

In the video, Graham Ledger expressed his support for Duterte and praised him for having the balls to tell the UN body straight to their faces that enough of their hypocrisy.

The UN body says the Leger has been critical of the Philippine government’s tough crackdown on drug dealers that resulted in the killings during legitimate police operation.

The TV host says that instead of offering help to the Philippine government in their campaign against illegal drugs, the UN body told Duterte to stop.

In fact, the American TV host tells his audience that President Duterte invited the UN body send an inspector to witness the police crackdown but in the same breath, threatened the UN body of a Philippine exit.

Likewise, the American TV host encouraged the United States government to join the Philippines in leaving the UN, whom he accused as an anti-American, troublesome and detrimental to US interest.

The American TV host suggests that perhaps it is high time for the US to put the world on notice that pro-dictator, pro-globalist, climate-change embracing and the anti-America agenda of the UN must end and the US contribution that runs in the billions of dollars will do what Duterte would do.

Graham Ledger is EMMY Award winning television newsman and hosts of “The Daily Ledger”.


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