“AMPLIFY RED-TAGGING” —Lawyer to AFP after no-show of Makabayan bloc in senate probe

Perhaps annoyed after Makabayan bloc snubbed the senate probe over the red-tagging brouhaha, an irate Atty. Bruce Rivera urged the AFP to “AMPLIFY RED-TAGGING” instead of relaxing.

Atty. Bruce began by throwing shade at the Makabayan bloc, saying he know “cowards” when he sees one. Atty. Bruce defended his “coward” remark, saying the Makabayan bloc does not fight fair, criticize the gov’t, brainwash our youths with their lies, used the marginalized for aid and grants and what not. Finally, Atty. Bruce mocked the Leftist solons for finding comfort on the vague doctrine of Makabayan to stay relevant.

“I know cowards when I see one. And yes, you are. Because you do not fight fair. You criticize the PH government, smear any Philippine government, brainwash our youth with lies, peddle the marginalized for aid and grants from unwitting foreign benefactors and take up public causes you never intend to fix albeit exploit and worst, use an ideology that takes advantage of the freedoms of a democracy to sustain an enterprise that has lost its meanin1g in its core and have to find solace on the vague precepts of a Makabayan to be relevant.

Atty. Bruce found it ironic that the Makabayan bloc who prides itself as champions of freedom and human rights and yet eerily silent on the atrocities committed by the NPA’s against our soldiers. Here’s more. Atty. Bruce slammed the Makabayan bloc for taking advantage of gullible Filipinos by forming legal fronts and win Congressional seats via the partylist system in order to blur the lines between legitimate and criminal.

“You claim to be champions of freedoms and human rights and is willing to demonize your critics with impunity and yet, your catatonic reaction to atrocities committed by the NPA is palpably obscene. Most of you can accuse the military of all kinds of abuse with only propaganda or insinuations, convict our leaders with your baseless justice but expect government to play by the rules of legal system of a democracy. You take advantage of the benevolence and good intentions of celebrities so they are unwittingly fighting your propaganda war. You strike first and use it to portray victims you claim to be victims of. You have the temerity to manipulate the credulity of the Filipinos to have a legal front and win representation in order to blur the lines of what is legitimate from criminal.”

Atty. Bruce accused the Reds for inventing the concept of red tagging as defense for members of the communist movement aka legal fronts, by making the act shameful for anyone to accuse anyone of doing acts to advance the goals of the CPP/NPA. Atty. Bruce sounded perplexed that the Makabayan bloc can claim it is within their right to call our President unflattering nicknames like “fascist” or “tuta” and yet they are the first to cry violation of human rights to be called a color (Example, Red).

“You created the concept of red-tagging as a defense for those who are in the society but caught within the armed and rebellious pursuits and made it a stigma for anyone to accuse anyone of doing acts in furtherance of NPA/CPP goals but you claim as a right the right to call any of our President, “murderer”, “tuta”, “fascist”, “diktador”. But you call it a violation of human right to be called a color.”

Atty. Bruce slammed the Makabayan bloc for coining red-tagging as a ploy to make the act (Communist?) appears the victim, which is considered treason or terrorism in other other countries. Atty. Bruce remarked the Makabayan bloc wasted an opportunity to clear their names by facing their accusers at the senate probe.

“You coined red-tagging as a means to victimize an act that is usually considered treason or terrorism in many jurisdictions. And all you needed to do was face the very people you accuse of targeting you so they can have a confrontation or dialogue with you in a manner the Filipino people will understand and not be drowned by the useless noise of your chants and self-serving narrative.

Lastly, Atty. Bruce agreed what the Makabayan bloc have been saying – it is their right to accuse without impunity. Likewise, when the government accuses them of acts harmful to national security, the term is accusatorial. Atty. Bruce made it clear this is not red-tagging because they can simply shrug off the label by answering it.

“In the court of public opinion, you all say it is your right to accuse without impunity. So, when government accuses you of acts detrimental to national security, it is also accusatorial. It is not red-tagging because you can choose to remove a tag by answering it. Simple.”

“Yet, you all chose to not be present,” Atty. Bruce said with a tinge of regret in his voice.


Source: Bruce Rivera

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