An angry DOTr Spox lashes at Senator’s consultant for spreading fake news re China flights continue despite Manila “lockdown”

There has been reports online that despite the lockdown of Metro Manila as per order by Malacanang, the flights from mainland China flying in fresh Chinese tourists continue.

The rumor of the China flights even after the Manila lockdown originated from a netizen named Josef Leroi Garcia.

Garcia called the lockdown “palamuti” or a decoration and a carnival show. Please read the full text of Garcia’s FB post below for your reference.

The rumor of the China flights was quickly shot down by an angry DOTr spokesman Goddes Hope Libiran on Facebook.

In a Facebook post, Libiran remarked that this kind of individual should be crowned where he belongs.

“Dapat sa taong ito, kinokoronahan… habang nasa carnival!”

Libiran turned serious and informed Garcia the Philippines isn’t banning flights but passengers. “Sir, FYI, from the start, what we are banning are NOT FLIGHTS but PASSENGERS (foreign nationals coming from restricted areas).”

And the passengers of the flights he listed in his FB post were Chinese by Filipinos based in China who decided to go home to Philippines but are subject to strict quarantine protocols like everyone else. “Yung mga pasahero ng mga flights na nilista mo from China are FILIPINO PASSENGERS who decided to go home in the Philippines, but are subject to STRICT QUARANTINE PROCEDURES before being allowed entry.”

On one hand, the outgoing passengers are Chinese nationals going home to China. “Yung mga outgoing passengers nyan going back to China are CHINESE nationals wanting to go back to their country.”

Libiran hoped Garcia read thoroughly before making a fool of himself in socmed. “Sana nagbabasa ka ng maigi. Consultant ka pa man din ng senador.” Turned out, Garcia is a consultant of the detained Senator Leila de Lima.

Libiran ended the FB post with an emphatic message. “STOP SPREADING PANIC AND FALSE INFORMATION!!!”

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Source: Goddes Hope Libiran

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