An Open Letter to the hypocrites takes a dig at yellowtards rejoicing amidst the Davao bombing

An open letter addressed to the hypocrites takes a dig at yellowtards rejoicing amidst the Davao bombing is making the rounds online.

Facebook user Hanna Kadena expressed her highest disappointment to netizens who gloated over the sufferings of our Davaoeno brothers and sisters on a Facebook post.

Check out the post below.


Dear Filipino Hypocrites,

First of all I would like you to know that I am very thankful to GOD for having a President like Rody Duterte to lead this country full of CRIMINALS, DRUG LORDS, TERRORIST and HYPOCRITES in the MEDIA, CBCP, SENATE, OFFICE OF THE VP, SOCIAL MEDIA here and abroad.
“Simple Definition of hypocrite:
– A person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs.”
● YOU claim to protect the human by protecting it’s right but actually only the criminals!
● YOU claim to love GOD but actually you love money more than GOD!
● YOU claim that you care for the death of the people yet CRIMINALS by counting it and showing to the world but how about the death of LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, VICTIMS OF TERRORIST ATTACK or even the POLICEMAN, they are also HUMAN, why is it YOU are not counting it and showing to your BIAS REPORTS! and only in this UN CORRUPT administration!
→ Philippines is our home country, what happen to Davao City hurts me a lot because Davao is part of the Philippines.
→ WE are all Filipinos, people killed by drug lords, criminals, terrorist hurts me a lot because I am a FILIPINO.
→ Mayor Rody Duterte is now a President of the Philippines, accept it and move on! don’t blame him if the security here in Philippines will be like Martial Law, blame Yourself.
WE are DDS, We are PRDFA, We are the Media of President Duterte for free, We support and protect our President, We will not stop, We will not surrender, We do not fear, We will fight, We know your evil schemes and we are going to expose it and WE are not HYPOCRITES!!

DDS and Law Abiding Citizen
GOD Bless Philippines, GOD Bless our President and GOD Bless us Filipinos…

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