“ANAKBAYAN doesn’t speak for the entire UP Community and should stop pretending that they do.” – PCOO Usec

“ANAKBAYAN doesn’t speak for the entire UP Community and should stop pretending that they do.”

This is the emphatic statement of PCOO Usec. Lorraine Marie Badoy to open her FB post in reaction to Anakbayan’s participation in protest rally “UP Strikes Back”, wherein they called for the end of the semester and mass promotion of students.

Badoy asserted that ANAKBAYAN speaks only for its master.

“ANAKBAYAN speaks only for the CPP NPA NDF bec this is their real identity.”

Badoy demanded ANAKBAYAN to confess to students who they really are.

“ANAKBAYAN LEADERS should tell students they’ve fooled into joining them who it is they truly are: the terrorist CPP NPA NDF.”

And their concern for human rights is just for show.

“And that they don’t really care about human rights. That they are, in fact, its worst offenders.”

And lastly, Badoy wanted ANAKBAYAN to reveal their real intention to the students. (I bet ANAKBAYAN isn’t that stupid to expose themselves to public backlash in case they take Badoy’s challenge seriously. Lol)

“That their main goal in goading them to join ANAKBAYAN is to make them NPA combatants.”

Much more admit their guilt of feeding young student recruits to the lions’ den as NPA cadres.


“ANAKBAYAN Katipunan of Ateneo ought to do the same thing,” Badoy added.

Badoy reiterated her call for ANAKBAYAN to be honest with their student recruits and that they are going to wage a war against the government in behalf of their Netherland-based leader.

“Tell them who you truly are and that you only need them to fight a war made up in the sick mind of that decrepit bastard in Nederlands.”

“That all they are are pieces of meat: disposable, inconsequential,” Badoy added.

Badoy went on to demand ANAKBAYAN to reveal their organization’s dark secrets. For example, how many of their members died as NPA combatants whom they abandoned, shallow unmarked graves of their members they buried and parents of their dead members claiming their decaying corpses, who died fighting as NPA members.

“Tell them, ANAKBAYAN, how many of your members have died as NPA combatants and how you abandoned them while they lay dying.

Tell them about the shallow unmarked graves you’ve buried ANAKBAYAN members- with their knees, elbows sticking out.

Tell them of parents claiming decaying corpses of ANAKBAYAN members who died fighting government as NPAs- exactly the way JOMA SISON planned it.”

Badoy lamented the fate of ANAKBAYAN members who were abandoned because they no longer served a purpose.

“Abandoned by ANAKBAYAN because they no longer served them any purpose.”

“Tell them, you rotten bastards. 👿👿👿” Badoy insisted.

Badoy turned her attention to the parents and issued a warning. “And dear dear parents, if your children are members of ANAKBAYAN, GET THEM OUT NOW.”



Source: Lorraine Marie Badoy

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