‘Anakbayan’ posted the photo of military truck in UP to alert the public of looming dictatorship. Instead of FB likes, they got angry comments

On Saturday, a military truck was spotted at UP Diliman and their presence alarmed members of Anakbayan who quickly snapped a photo and post it on social media to make ‘sumbong’ to the public.

Credits to Anakbayan

Anakbayan UP Diliman writes:

Military truck spotted going around UP this afternoon. Military troops inside the University signal an intensifying terror threat, intimidation and surveillance of students fighting against a looming dictatorship. These are the very same people militarizing Lumad communities, killing peasants leaders and national minorities, harassing progressive leaders standing for their democratic rights. There is no space in the University for murderers and human rights violators like them!

The youth shall fight and stand with the people!
Fight state fascism! Overthrow the US-Duterte dictatorship!


However, if you make a quick scan of the comments on Anakbayan’s photo, the response has been discouraging.

Albert Egot Jr. reacts:

“Tanga.. kahit ilang tanke pa ipasok jan ni Digong wala kayong paki. Paaralan yan ng gobyerno. Kayo pa pinapaaral ng libre mga salot kayo! Tang ina mga rebelde kau”

Tony Paras says:

“kayong mga estudyante sa UP, ngayon at papansinin kayo ng batas, takot kayo?

The Philippines is a nation of laws, if you threaten the authorities, then you are subject to surveillance. It is not harassment; it is called enforcement of laws. Just so you know, there are exceptions to free speech and no one is above the law. Got it, get it?

Jian Carlo Belandres writes:

“ano feeling nyo kayo may ari ng UP haha government property yan may nalalaman pa kayng “there is no space in the university for murderers ang human rights violators like” pero yung kapwa nyo communista pinatay yung sanggol pa lang may narinig ba kaming rally nyo nung namatay yung bata tapos sabihin sorry lang 😥 hindi nyo pag aari ang UP pinapaaral lang yung iba dyan ng gobyerno kaya kung may truck na military man ng gobyerno dyan binabantayan siGURO dyan at hindi nyo pag aari ang UP”

MC Chua remarks:

if UP is no space for murderers and human right violators then u should leave UP along w/ all group affiliated w/ NPA, dont ask me why, I dont pay my taxes pra lang pag aralin ung mga soon to be salot ng bayan, and by the way dont tell me the crap reason that u are only doing this for the poor and oppressed one, damn stupid reasons, matalino kayo pro d nyo ginagamit common sense nyo, dont be fooled by ur leaders who are having a convenient life while u are struggling in mountains. Y not finish ur academic ambitions then after that serve the pooriest of the poor by being a doctor, nurse and teacher in the barrio, lawyer who offer free legal assistant to the poor, run for politics and give all your projects and salary to the poor, put business that will cater to the poor and any work that will serve to the poor, damn ang daming good ways to serve our country, I dont understand y u choose the path of armed struggle. btw I serve no politicians, I praise the’re good works and critized if they do the opposite. kayong mga kabataan serve ur country, not your masters and politician, do your country a favor and not destroying it. I am willing to exchange thoughts here to all militant/leftlist minded people here.

An obviously amused Liza Bolcan asks Anakbayan:

“Are you serious? You’re afraid of Filipino soldiers patrolling the streets? How are they a threat to society in this photo? You’re instilling fear of them instead of respect. Give respect to whom it is due. ‘Nothing to fear but fear itself.'”

Your reaction?

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