Anay! — Radio host on Leni Robredo warning 200K Filipinos to lose jobs if EU revoke tariff perks to PH


This is the reaction of radio host and known Duterte supporter Mark Lopez in his recent FB post on Leni Robredo saying she feared thousands of Filipinos may lose their jobs if the EU make good of its threat to revoke the tariff perks enjoyed by the Philippines due to alleged human rights violations.

To give Filipinos a perspective of what she was trying to say, Robredo said that P108.9B is added to our economy, thanks to the GSP+ (Generalised Scheme of Preferences) enjoyed by the Philippines as a favor given by the EU. She warned that such eventuality could translate to 200,000 jobs lost as per estimate made by European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines.

Moving forward, Mark Lopez asked Pinoy netizens why he accused Robredo of engaging such act.

‘Why do we say so?’

Lopez went on to cite his sources from the European Diplomatic Community saying that the recent reso of the EU Parliament is meaningless.

‘Because, as sources from our European Diplomatic Community have advised us, the recent resolution of the European Parliament DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING other than a statement.’

Lopez’s sources added that if it was the EU Commission who issued such reso, then that’s a different story.

‘The real body which can decide the fate of our trade and economic relations with Europe is not their paper parliament, but the European Commission.’

Lopez reiterated that anything with regards to trade relations with Europe, it’s the EU Commission who can decide on that, not the EU Parliament.

‘Let us repeat that – Anything with regards to trade relations with Europe will have to go through the scrutiny and administration of the European Commission.’

‘Their European Parliament is nothing but a paper tiger which is all sound and fury signifying nothing,’ Lopez added.

Lopez described Robredo’s statement as just another deceptive propaganda to weaken the support of the people to the Duterte government.

‘And this statement of Leni Robredo is just another deceptive propaganda aimed at undermining and weakening the support to our government.’

‘PANLOLOKO, PANLILINLANG AT PANGGAGAGO ANG GINAGAWA NI LENI ROBREDO,’ an apparently emotional Lopez described Robredo’s statement in three Tagalog adjectives.

Lopez concluded his FB post by calling Robredo ‘termite’.


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Source: Mark Lopez

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