And yet again Robredo’s lie denying meeting Lewis in the US, busted: “Nakausap ko po siya (Loida Lewis) napakatagal nang panahon”

“Leni Robredo is lying,” Dr. Antonio Contreras of De La Salle university, professor of the Political Science Department said.

“She claims that since she was elected VP, she has not met nor talked to Loida Nicolas Lewis,” Contreras continued.

But this is not true, Contreras asserted.

Contreras shared the statement of Robredo when asked for comment on the #LeniLeaks controversy and read:

“She [was]one of my supporters when I ran for Congress because she is also from Bicol. I have talked to her way back, I think even before the [vice presidential]campaign started. But since I won [as Vice President], we haven’t seen or talked to each other. It is not true that we met in the US.”

Photo of the NaFAA event in Philadephia USA, August 2016 courtesy of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations – Region 3-East FB Page.

Contreras alleged that Robredo and Lewis met sometime in August of 2016.

But in August 6, 2016, she was guest of honor in Philadelphia at the NaFFAA conference where Loida also attended.

Contreras doubted Robredo’s claim she has not met or talked to Lewis since the May 2016 campaign.

It is hard to believe that the two would have not even talked over the phone, more so in person.


Here’s the link of a news article in case you are interested to get more details of the NaFFAA conference where Robredo and Lewis were both invited.

Here’s another link wherein Loida Lewis was quoted:   “We are extremely delighted and honored that the Vice President came to our conference,” says Loida Nicolas Lewis, National Chair Emeritus and one of NaFFAA’s founders.”

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