Andrew Olivar on former ANC Boss Jing Magsaysay’s ‘you can get the franchise, but you will never be ABS-CBN’ remark

On rumors circulating online that a businessman is interested in acquiring ABS-CBN’s frequency, Jing Magsaysay, former ANC Boss was quoted that ‘they (interested businessmen) can get the franchise, but they will never be ABS-CBN’.

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On that note, DDS blogger Andrew Olivar can’t help but comment on the statement of former ANC Boss Jing Magsaysay.

In an open letter, Olivar answered that no one is interested in becoming ABS-CBN. ‘Wala po talagang may gustong maging ABS-CBN kasi..’

Olivar cited 5 major reasons to support his answer.

First, if the newcomer becomes ABS-CBN, they will have no franchise.

1. Kapag naging ABS-CBN sila wala silang franchise..😂😂😂

Second, no one wants to copy ABS-CBN because almost all of their shows are copied from other countries like Idol Philippines, PBB, X Factor, The Voice and so on and so forth, notwithstanding their TV shows copied from Korean and Asinannovelas. And lastly, some of their shows were from GMA and Netflix.

2. Wala ding gagaya sa ABS-CBN dahil halos lahat naman ng shows ay ginaya at inaddaappt sa ibang bansa, hello idol philippines, PBB, X FACTOR, THE VOICE, GOT TALENT, I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE, DEAL OR NO DEAL, MINUTE TO WIN IT, 1 VS 100, koreanovelas or asionavelas. Tapos yung ibang shows nakikita pa sa GMA at sa NETFLIX.

On Magsaysay’s remark that the newcomer interested in acquiring ABS-CBN’s frequency will never be ABS-CBN, Olivar shot back that indeed no sane businessman wants to become ABS-CBN because there are many cases waiting to be filed against the Kapamilya network and perhaps the new media company who will get ABS-CBN’s frequency will be the subject of various lawsuits.

3. You will never be ABS-CBN? Oo naman po.. hindi talaga pwepwede kung madami pang kasong ihahabol sa ABS CBN at baka yung pumalit pa ang habulin kung ginaya nya ang ABS CBN.

On Magsaysay’s remark that content creation is a whole different ball game? Olivar agreed with the former, which is content creation with integrity blah, blah is another.

4. Content creation is a whole different ball game??

And lastly, Olivar rebuffed Magsaysay’s remark that a frequency is just a frequency. According to him, the former ANC Boss’ statement failed to connect or lack vibes because of lack of frequency hence, frequency is frequency.

5. A FREQUENCY is just a frequency?? Kaya po walang connection at mavibes na something yang sinasabi mo kasi walang frequency.. frequency is frequency Mr. Jing Pal!paran.

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Source: Andrew Olivar

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