Andrew Olivar pokes fun of Angel Locsin’s letter of apology to fellow Kapamilya artists, finds it insincere

After drawing flak on social media for urging fellow Kapamilya artists who remain mum on the ABS-CBN issue to speak out, Angel Locsin was obliged to issue a statement clarifying what she REALLY meant. You may check the screen below of her message.

Angel Locsin’s public apology addressed to fellow Kapamilya stars who felt slighted coz it rubbed them the wrong way has been raising more eyebrows than her original statement.

As expected, Angel Locsin’s critics quickly pounced on and deconstructed her statement line by line to find out whether she was sincere, apologetic and remorseful or not.

One of the most epic deconstructions of Angel Locsin’s message I found on Facebook came from the funny and very witty Andrew Olivar, a staunch President Duterte supporter.

In a Facebook post, Andrew Olivar, as always used his wit and humor to entertain and at the same time, exposed Angel Locsin’s public apology forced and insincere.

On Angel saying that urging fellow artists to speak out does not necessarily mean joining street rally…

First and foremost, Andrew Olivar taught the Kapamilya actress the art of communicating effectively and going beast mode and shouting when speaking is unnecessary. And urging other people (Kapamilya stars) to speak out was also uncalled for.

On Angel saying there are many ways to show support??

Andrew Olivar agreed with Angel Locsin that there many ways to show one’s support and one of them is to stay mum on the sidelines.

Olivar said that sometimes we need to learn how to be make meek and humble to avoid earning the ire of people. Because the more people behave arrogantly and impose their will on other people, other people will ignore you.

Olivar asked Angel Locsin what is the sense of speaking out and shouting in the streets when the HEARING (Congress) is done? Olivar sounded puzzled that Locsin has been very vocal only after the hearing in Congress concluded when speaking out and fighting for her cause then was legal.

Olivar described this as late reaction.

Olivar asked Locsin if she ever thought that there are many ways to support our government?

On Angel Locsin saying that to fear covid is different, and staying mum on the ABS-CBN issue is different.

Andrew Olivar commented that fearful for losing shares (ABS-CBN stocks) is different.

On Angel saying she apologize to those who felt offended because she hurt them…

Andrew Olivar praised Angel Locsin for showing kindness by saying sorry, very sincere in sarcastic tone.

On Angel Locsin reasoning out that not because she called out her fellow Kapamilya to speak out but because it was necessary to speak out now.

Andrew Olivar commented he thought Angel Locsin sounded sincere in apologizing to fellow artists but reasoning out just spoiled everything.

Olivar continued by telling Angel to wake up. He said Congress already gave them the chance to speak. He said the other artists are already tired and just wanted to stay mum and even some of the Kapamilya supporters. He teased Locsin to feed them so that they will have the energy to continue the fight.

On Angel Locsin insisting the need to speak out now in the midst of the pandemic? Olivar commented that he already answered this part.

On Angel Locsin reiterating that speaking out and going out are two different things. She said they need to speak out and not allow themselves to be used.

Andrew Olivar noted that Angel Locsin has become repetitive, saying the same thing over and over again. Olivar joked that the other artists are stupid while the Kapamilya actress is the only intelligent among them because they can’t understand the meaning of speaking out and going out.

Olivar asked Angel Locsin if ever it crossed her mind the irony of what she said, urging fellow Kapamilya artists to ‘unite’ or “MAGKAISA TAYO”, when she was speaking out in the open, while her fellow Kapamilya artists are speaking inside their respective houses. Olivar asked how can that be called “UNITY”? Olivar demanded an explanation from the actress, without drama and accompanying tears.

Olivar inquired what Angel Locsin meant when she told fellow Kapamilya artists not to allow themselves to be used? “WAG MAGPAGAMIT”???

Andrew Olivar agreed with Angel Locsin that they should not allow themselves to be used by anyone even their bosses, their Titos, their exes so that they remain fresh when they grow old. Not haggard. Do you get the double meaning?

Olivar ended the FB sermon wondering why he was ranting when he was not even an artist? He joked he considered himself an artist because he is a painter. He paints using the _______ of the Dilawan blogger.

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Source: Andrew Olivar

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