Andrew Olivar’s clapback at Yorme Isko Moreno for taking a swipe at fellow mayor amuses netizens

Andrew Olivar aka Boy Landi is back again to roast Yorme Isko Moreno for taking a jab at a Mayor, saying that its obligation is to stay in one’s city, not to roam around and meet whoever politician or party.

“Hallkaa may mayor na shugarolll na parinig ng parinig..” Olivar began.

Olivar believed that the right to criticize Mayors is reserved to the President. He said it is not okay when a mayor criticize a fellow mayor because it would sound like he is better over the other.

“Ang may karapatan lang na pumuna sa mga mayors ay ang presidente.. ampangit naman kapag mayor to mayor ang mamumuna kasi parang gusto palabasin na mas magaling syang mayor..”

What is more embarrassing, according to Olivar, are mayors fond of photo-ops and media coverage and act like they are still actors promoting movies. And a mayor who took a swipe at a fellow mayor for visiting different places.

“mas nakakahiya naman yung mga mayor diba jan na puro paphoto op at parati nagpapamedia na akala mo ay artista parin na nagpropromote ng pelikula..”

“Nakakahiya naman yung mayor jan na nagpaparinig na yung isang mayor daw ay paiba iba yung pinupuntahang lugar..”

Olivar remarked that Yorme is embarrassing because of his reputation for switching alliances in many occasions and a user to get to the point where is now?

“kesa naman sayo na paiba iba ng kakampihan at didikitan from mayor atienza tapos mayor lim tapos mayor estrada..

Yung andaming nilapitan at ginamit para lang mapunta sa kinalalagyan..”

Olivar said it would be more embarrassing for a neophyte Mayor to criticize a more experience Mayor.

“Kakahiya naman ang baguhang mayor para tuligsain ang mga experience na mga mayor na noh?”

Olivar accused Yorme of sour graping because he was not named the best mayor in the Philippines for 2021 but the lady mayor.

“Masakit lang kasi na naungusan ka nung babaeng mayor sa Best Mayor in the philippines 2021.”

“Yun ang totoo,” said Olivar.


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Source: Andrew Olivar

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