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Andrew Olivar’s exposé on student wokes demanding “academic freeze” cracks up netizens

Funnygay rather funnyman Andrew Olivar poked fun of the threat of UP students to boycott online classes until President Duterte is ousted.

Olivar began with a warning, saying he will spill the beans why these students are demanding online classes to be halted.

“Heto ibubuko ko kayo sa isang KATOTOHANAN kung bakit gusto ninyo itigil muna ang ONLINE CLASS!!”

Olivar joked the reason is very flimsy because these students are also shallow-minded.

“Syempre yung mababaw na dahilan kasi mababaw sila eh.”

Olivar remarked students want an ACADEMIC FREEZE because the online classes have affected their trolling and bashing of the President.

“Gusto nyo lang magkaroon ng ACADEMIC FREEZE kasi naaapektuhan ng ONLINE CLASS yang pang trotRoll at pangbabash nyo sa pangulo!!”

Olivar figured these students are mad at Duterte supporters who are professionals can defend Duterte from their bashings 24/7. Therefore, these entitled children deemed it unfair.

“Syempre galit kayo kasi kaming mga graduates ay kahit anong oras ay kaya naming ipagtanggol ang pangulo. Kaya parang UNFAIR nanaman sa inyong mga entitled children..”

Olivar cited an instance to drive home his point.

“Yung parang ganito.. may kaaway kayo na DDS sa comment tapos hindi ka na nakacomment kasi may ONLINE CLASS ka.”

Olivar reasoned that when the student woke’s ego is hurt after the DDS will claim victory because the student woke failed to counter his argument.

“Syempre sasabihin ng DDS na dika makasagot at natalo ka. Syempre bilang isang woke natatamaan ang ego mo.”

Olivar concluded the student wokes are asking an academic freeze because of this.

“Kaya ganun na lang ang kagustuhan mong itigil ang online class ngayung taon.”

Olivar joked that in the past, people would say that studies destroys barkada or friendship. Now, online class destroys their plan of making black propaganda against the President.

“Kung dati ang PAGAARAL ang nakakasira sa BARKADA. Ngayun ay.. ONLINE CLASS ang nakakasira sa plano naming pangBLABLACK PROPAGANDA kay PRRD.”

Hence, the student wokes want to force academic freeze because they gain “momentum” and a perfect time to attack President Duterte with criticism because the remaining years of Duterte is called the legacy years. People will remember the black propaganda when the issues are still fresh in people’s minds.

“gusto nyo ipilit ang academic freeze kasi nakakuha kayo ng momentum kuno na ito ang perfect timing para atakihin ng PUNA ang pangulo kasi nga po LEGACY YEARS na po nya ngayun. Kasi nga po mas naaalala ng mga tao kapag fresh na fresh ang issue.”

Olivar joked that it did not came from his mouth but the gay chicken with eyebrows who said those words.

“Ayyy hindi pala ako nagsabi nito. Yung baklang manok ko pala na may kilay yung nagsabi nyan!!

Sabi ng baklang manok ko..”

Olivar ended the FB post by cursing student wokes demanding academic freeze.

PWEHHHHHHH na may kasamang fried rice!!!

Drew Olivar’s exposé has provided some good laughs among netizens. In fact, of the 2800+ netizens who reacted to Olivar’s post, more than 1500+ netizens hit the “laugh” emoticon.


Source: Andrew Olivar

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