Andrew Olivar’s funny reply to Kim Chiu’s yet again epic fail tweet amuses netizens

It seems Kim Chiu has developed a knack for making stupid comments on Twitter while defending the Kapamilya network even if she is the laughing stock on social media.

A case in point was Kim Chiu’s latest tweet that caught the attention of the eagle-eyed critic of the actress, DDS Andrew Olivar.

In a tweet, Kim Chiu asked for explanation why ABS-CBN was shut down permanently when the actress thinks her network committed no violations and promised to fix it if they did. ‘What was the hearing for?’ Chiu asked. To humiliate? Chiu ended the tweet by saying sorry for the language because she just thinks what happened was too much.

Andrew Olivar, the wittiest and one of the most brutally honest Duterte supporter on Facebook, went on to slap Kim Chiu with the hard truths why ABS-CBN was permanently shut down by virtue of the majority vote in the Congressional hearing denying the Kapamilya network to get a franchise to broadcast.

First and foremost, Olivar told Chiu that she’s the reason why ABS-CBN was shut down.

‘Kaya pinasara ang ABS-CBN dahil s@y0. Kung ganyan ba naman na artista ang mapapanood ng mga bata eh.’

On Kim Chiu’s statement that no violations were violated? ‘Wala namang violations na nilabag?’

Olivar corrected Chiu that perhaps what she was trying to say, ‘ABS-CBN did not violate the law’. Olivar, brutal honesty, said that Chiu’s line of attack was very chaotic. Because she was like saying that there was no mistake that was violated or ‘no violation violated’. Olivar described Kim Chiu’s statement nauseating.

‘Gorl baka ibig sabihin mo “wala namang BATAS na nilabag”. Gorl ang gulo nung una mong tirada. Parang sinasabi mo kasi na “walang mali na nilabag”or “walang violation na naviolate”. Hayyy maulawak MILDRED! Hilong hilo ako shet.’

Olivar remarked that he will be kind Kim Chiu and let this pass. He will just correct this and make the adjustment. He asked if this what Kim Chiu was trying to say? ‘Pero sige pagbibigyan kita. Icocorrect ko na lang at magaadjust. So ganito ang ibig sabihin mo?’

‘Wala namang batas na nilabag, nangako naman na aayusin ang mali??’ (No law was violated, made a promise to fix their mistakes, if any?)

Olivar confessed in jest that he might die due to dizziness. ‘Omygoshhh mamamatay na ako sa sobrang hilo.’

On Kim Chiu’s statement that ABS-CBN committed no violation but they will fix the mistakes? Olivar could only described Chiu as someone whose brain and mouth are indeed resilient. In other words, Olivar said that Chiu is a different breed. Because she said it in one sentence that ABS-CBN committed no wrong or mistake but they will try to fix the mistake or mistakes? Olivar described this as another nauseating statement from Chiu.

‘Walang nilabag/mali pero aayusin ang mali?? Gorl ang tibay ng utak at bunganga mo. Iba ka!! Sasabihin mong walang mali tapos aayusin na lang ang mali?? Nagvirtigo cl!toris ko dun ah..’

Third… Pangatlo..

On hearing being called to humiliate the Kapamilya? ‘Hearing?? Para saan yun? Para magpahiya?’

Olivar clarified that Congress’ intention was not to humiliate the Kapamilya network. It was them who found the way to embarrass themselves. The Congressmen just stated the ways of the Kapamilya. It would be inappropriate if the Congress talks and gossips about ABS-CBN on viber? Olivar believes that the public has the right to know what is going on inside the Kapamilya network. The Kapamilya thinks they are being humiliated it is because their network was not embarrass of what they have done.

‘Gorl hindi kayo pinapahiya sa hearing. Kayo ang gumawa ng paraan para mapahiya. Sinabi lang nila mga gawain ng station ninyo. Alangan naman magviber sila at magchismisan na lang kung ano ang tungkol sa ABS CBN?
Karapatan ng mga PILIPINO din na malaman kung ano ang nangyayari. Iniisip ninyong pinapahiya kayo kasi nga hindi naman nahiya din ang NETWORK ninyo sa mga ginawa nila.’

If there is such a thing as PRESS FREEDOM, Olivar said there is also FREEDOM OF INFORMATION.


Olivar asked Chiu if she didn’t like to see that the country follows the rule of law or system? He asked if Chiu agrees that the hearing was not partial? Everyone was entitled to speak?

‘ayaw mo nun at nakita na sumunod sa sistema ang bansa natin? Hindi naging Bias ang pagdinig diba? Lahat nakapagsalita diba?’

On Kim Chiu asking what was the purpose of the hearing? ‘Para saan ang HEARING?’

‘Para malaman ang katotohanan GORL!!‘ Olivar responded that purpose of the hearing was to know the truth.

Olivar asked if Chiu wants a hearing that only favors her network?

‘Ano gusto mo magkaroon ng HEARING para papabor lang sa inyo? Ganun ba dapat ang HEARING gorl?’

Olivar remarked that the hearing is a reminder to all of us that ‘less talk, less mistakes’.

‘Ang HEARING din ay pagpapaalala satin na, “LESS TALK tayo and MORE HEARING” para hindi tayo namamali mali sa mga sinasabi natin!!’

Olivar ended the FB post along this line below.

O sya gorl baka may masabi pa akong di maganda sayo..

K bye

As of this writing, Andrew Olivar’s FB post has generated more than 4,700 reactions on Facebook and more than 3,400 of which, hit the laugh emoticon, proof that netizens found Andrew Olivar’s retort amusing.

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