ANG KAPAL KAPAL KAPAL KAPAL NG MUKHA – Irate Duterte supporter to Leni’s team for using PRRD quotes in their anti-BBM campaign materials

An open letter written by an irate President Duterte staunch Duterte supporter to tell the Robredo camp how shameless they are for using Duterte’s quotes in favor of their candidate has been making the rounds on Facebook.

Krizette Laureta Chu lamented that Robredo has done nothing but insult PRRD in the past 6 years and here they are, using PRRD’s words to attack a rival.

In the spirit of fairness, Chu appealed to the Robredo camp to also include Duterte’s quote saying if Leni becomes President, the Philippines is in trouble because she knows nothing.

Chu ended the open letter expressing her desire for Leni to lose and lose face.

Dear Leni team,

Gusto ko lang malaman nyo ANG KAPAL KAPAL KAPAL KAPAL NG MUKHA nyo para gamitin ang mga quotes ni Duterte to favor your candidate—who did nothing but insult him in the past 6 years.


Don’t forget to include Duterte’s quote about Leni: “Pag sya ang naging Presidente, disgrasya ang Pilipinas. Walang alam.”


Here’s hoping that you just don’t lose but lose face. Pwe.

Here are some of the comments from netizens.

Netizen #1 shared Chu’s sentiment that Pinklawans are simply using PRRD when it’s convenient for their narrative and discards what PRRD said about Leni because it does not serve their interest.

They use PRRD when it’s convenient for their narrative. Leni is so weak. She won’t stand out in any marketing flyers on her own. That’s why they need to always put PRRD and BBM along with her. Sadly, you can’t fake charisma. Bye, LenLen. You will lose this election… EFFORTLESSLY.

Netizen #2 pointed out that the Pinklawans are the same group who tells fellow Filipinos in social media not to believe what PRRD says but now they are quoting PRRD because it suits their narrative.

Sila yung laging sinasabi na hindi dapat paniwalaan si PRRD, tapos ngayon ginagamit nila yung sinabi ni PRRD… Aba eh, kagagaling 👏👏👏

Netizen #3 aptly described the Pinklawans move.

Tama.. wala kyong ginawa kundi insutuhin at sirain siya for 6 yrs, ngayon gagamitin nyo p siya against your opponents.. desperate moves..

A quick Facebook search reveals that the campaign material shared by Chu is legit. The verified account of Tricia Robredo shared the same campaign material that angered Krizette Chu and merited an open letter from her.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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