“Ang kapal ni Drilon” —Manila Bulletin writer on Senator Drilon calling for a senate hearing

“Ang kapal ni Drilon.”

This is the initial reaction of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu on news report that a senate hearing is forthcoming because some general refused to bow down to them?

Chu bewails that senators can call the President using any word in the dictionary but when they get their own medicine, they run to Mama este call for a senate hearing.

“They can call the President anything pero the minute a high ranking general calls senators stupid may pa hearing pa.”

Chu seeks the senators’ clarification whether she was correct or wrong that they treat Generals and soldiers like their houseboy? Chu laments that these senators can call President names and a General is a no-no?

“Bakit, atchoy ba ang tratar nyo sa mga General at sundalo and you don’t feel like they’re your equal? You call the President names, and a General can’t describe you?”

“Kapal,” Chu quips.

Krizette Chu’s tirade against Drilon has been heard loud and clear by the Duterte supporters, many retaliated by calling Drilon names, while many urge fellow netizens to remember the names of senator and punish them in the coming election.

“Feeling so above everyone else! When in fact they are lowly than the most lowly of all.” says one netizen.

“He drank toooooo much power.. Need nya na bumaba sa pedestal”

These politicians are acting high and mighty over and above our President Duterte, the Highest Government Official of our land. We, the voters, from whom their offices and high salaries emanate, should NOW know who to vote or elect, this coming election and who to throw in the trash can . Vote wisely and conscientiously.

“Makapal po talaga mukha ng tabatchoy n yan., Wla nmang ginawa s senado kundi matulog 😂🤣

“Most of these senators have such a high regard for themselves. Akala mo kung mga sino. Pls let us remember NOT TO VOTE EVER for those feeling high and mighty senators with bloated egos especially this ultimate trapo Drilon. Power trip to the highest level kadiri.”

“Senators think too highly of themselves. They can call out anyone in their sham senate hearings but are too onion skinned when other officials call them out and will threaten to defund a govt agency simply because their egos were hurt. WTF! These senators are apparently afflicted with god complex. They must think everyone should worship the very ground they walk on.”



Ang kapal ni Drilon. They can call the President anything pero the minute a high ranking general calls senators stupid…

Posted by Krizette Laureta Chu on Sunday, April 25, 2021

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