“Ang lakas ng hangin!!! Walang sinabi si Yolanda pagdating sa Signal Number!!!” — Netizen reacts to Lacson’s latest campaign pitch


This is the initial reaction of US-based Bicolano blogger Edwin Jamora to the social media graphics passed around by presidential aspirant Ping Lacson recently.

Borrowing Lacson’s words, he said the country needs a government that is better (Duterte government). The country needs a government who possess a genuine heart who can give a much better service by making use of the government budget.

In light of Lacson’s uber confidence to suggest he can provide better government than the current government (Duterte admin) when he even failed miserably as Yolanda rehabilitation czar, Jamora asked in jest to help him because of the strong wind brought about by winds far stronger than Yolanda in terms of signal number.

“OMG! Would somebody help me? Ang lakas ng hangin!!! Walang sinabi si Yolanda pagdating sa Signal Number!!! Parang kaya kong magpalipad ng barko nito!”

Jamora asked his Facebook followers if they also noticed about Ping Lacson’s strategy? He is trying to distance himself from the Yellows but his template is still a shade of Yellow.

“Pansin ninyo?! While Ping wants to paint himself as someone entirely different from the Yellow Bloc, his lines and template are every bit yellow! Hahahaha! Yellow na yellow!”

“Who knows?! Diva?!” Jamora argued.

Jamora could only offer different theories why Lacson is hell bent in presenting himself as the most viable candidate in the Opposition camp despite knowing that his chances of winning the presidential election is nil.

“Maybe he really knows that he does not have any real chance to win!

Maybe he thinks that he has more chances of winning compared to the oligarchs picking Leni or Trillanes simply because he isn’t technically 100% Yellow!

Maybe his real intent was to run for President because the Oligarchs would sure fund his political war chest if ever they will handpick him!

He can already retire for good if and when his election war chest really gets big!”

Jamora ended the brief FB post with his signature – “Tse!”

Netizens who read Jamora’s post had a field day outdoing themselves to roast Senator Lacson.

“Du30 came to being bcoz the previos admin performed dismally. Easy to have chosen Du30…given Davao City to speak of himself.NOW Ping offered himself as better govt than Du30s admin. But Mr Ping, apart from your words, what makes you better than Du30?”

“Mas magaling magtago… Heheheh”

“Eh siguradong hindi ikaw yun. Musta naman ang semento?”

“yolanda rehab nga surrender ka agad hindi pa buong province un kaya wag mag epal”

“Win or Lose sa election no problem, pero siguradong win sa fund raising.”

“sa pag takbo kasi sa election, may pondo yan, kung saan man galing, so kung hnd mo maubos ang binigay sayo sa election may pera ka pa rin, hnd naman yan lahat nasa papel, kaya nga sa lokal kahit hnd ka mananalo takbo ka pag sinabi ng national, pera pera yan”


Source: Edwin Jamora

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