“Ang tibay ng lalamunan” — Atty. Trixie on VP Leni Robredo expressing desire to handle pandemic response

Di naman siya nahirinan (choked) sa sinasabi niya. Ang tibay ng lalamunan.

This is how Atty. Trixie of the Luminous reacted to VP Leni Robredo’s saying she is tempted to tell President Duterte to let her handle the pandemic response.

The Luminous FB post has been met with mixed reactions from their followers but in general, netizens were amused at Atty. Trixie caption as shown by the number of netizens who hit the laugh emoji.

Let us jumped into the comment section to check what netizens say on Robredo thinking of offering her services to handle the pandemic response.

Susme leni! what happened to your previous appointments in the govt.? did you ever contribute something in HUDCC and the fight against drugs? All you did was count the supposed EJK’s and badmouth our country internationally.

My goodness. It is not that simple as what you think. Even advanced countries are having difficulties. Please read about the experiences now of other countries. She is hopeless.

Binigyan ka na ng chairmanship ni PRRD as HUDCC d mo man lang na meet ang mga tauhan mo. Walang plano sa pabahay. Drug czar eh walang nagawa kundi decriminalized na lang daw ang drug use katulad sa Portugal.

And she was fired in her short live stint in handling the drug war…. How much more in this Pandemic… She can’t even handle tough questions during interviews… Merienda nalang…

Kung hindi ako nagkakamali , 2 major task ang ibinigay ni PRRD sa kanya, isa na yung war against prohibited drugs (shabu in particular) anong ginawa niya? Nagpa-cute lang🥴🥴🥴

She’s getting crazier everyday. Desperately wants power even for the remaining months of the President’s term. Just wait for 2022 elections and vanish .

Pag sya daw naghandle, di nya lang ita-touch yung dinikitan ng band-aid na binakunahan, ihihipan at pipisilin nya pa tapos iha-hug ka nya.😂😂😂😂

Your past management record show otherwise. Davao City is the best showcase of good management.

Two times you were given a chance to do your homeworks but you didn’t make it, then you are asking for another…its incorrigible. You have the right to remain silent or anything you say it will be used against you.

First, here’s what you need to do Leni, improve your Logic and Arithmetic skills, then maybe, just maybe…Wo, hold on, hold your horses Leni, I didn’t say you can take over the show, what I’m saying is that after brushing your Logic and Arithmetic, you’ll finally come into reality that you ain’t nothing but a BLABBING piece of Sh_tH_ad, sorry, but that’s my honest opinion of you!

As of this writing, the Luminous FB post has generated 8,000 reactions, 1,100+ comments and 256 shares in just 9 hours and counting. Of the 8,000 reactors, 6,800 netizens were having a blast at Atty. Trixie’s post.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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