Angel Locsin has no brain cells — Duterte admin Usec on Kapamilya actress “the world can work without politicians…” statement

“Angel Locsin has no brain cells. Or a wrong appreciation of things.”

This is how Usec Mon Cualoping reacted to Angel Locsin’s statement wherein the Kapamilya actress said the pandemic has taught her that the world can work without politicians, businessmen, police and even actors like her.

Usec. Cualoping went on to pose a question to undermine the logic of Angel Locsin’s statement followed by citing a few examples to drive home his point.

How can we all continue to live life if there’ll be no police force, actors, business folks and yes, even politicians?

  1. The Wokes want the Government to act. So, if there are no politicians, who decides on things that matter to our lives?
  2. The Wokes want a strong economy. So, if there are no business folks, who pumps prime the economy?
  3. The Wokes want a safe society. So, if there is no police force, who establishes public safety?
  4. The Wokes cry for ABS-CBN’s return. So, if there are no actors, what makes ABS-CBN, ABS-CBN

Usec Cualoping said that Angel Locsin’s idea of the Philippines does not make any sense because “We live in an ecosystem. Again, ecosystem.”

Usec Cualoping ended the post by reiterating what he thinks of people like Angel who believe in such line of thinking.
No brain cells at all!

Let us read the comments of netizens and see whether they are pro-Angel or not.

This netizen is obviously not pro-Angel. Simpletons in public office napaka delikado.

Ang katawan po ay binubuo ng maraming parts, kapag wala po ang isang paa hindi po makakalakad ng maayus ang katawan,😁 wrote another.

Well for sure the world dont need an actress like you to make the world go round.Its actress like you that makes the country an unsafe place after all. After all your anti govt rants and acts. The rest of the people you say we dont need, we actually need them to make our country orderly, peaceful and functional, commented another.

Mema lang ito….nagpapaka relevant…said another netizen.

The world can work without ABS-CBN! 🤣 Sarap mag Netflix di ba🤣 joked another.

This netizen lectured Angel Locsin why her statement does not make sense.

Without businessmen means wala kang endorsements. Wala kang career sa GMA at ABS CBN. Walang popondo sa pag bubuntis hanggang libing ng mahihirap. Walang public schools, walang public hospitals, walang garbage collection. Sementadong kalye. Taga linis ng kalye.Walang police walang peace and order.


Source: Mon Cualoping

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