Angel Locsin threatens to trace, tap employer of fan after heated debate with Kapamilya actress on Twitter?

A self-confessed fan of Angel Locsin named RJ Anglao became an overnight sensation on socmed after his FB post about the actress threatened to find him and his employer goes viral.

Anglao’s FB post has generated 26,000+ shares, 22,000+ reactions and 115 comments as of this writing.

Moving forward, Anglao, who considered himself an Angel Locsin fan, earned the ire of the Kapamilya actress after replying to her tweet calling out the Duterte government for prioritizing ABS-CBN closure, anti-terror bill, renaming of airport (NAIA). Instead, Locsin said, the people would rather hear the plans of the government about covid and the frontliners, plan for education, especially the poor who have no access to internet and someone who can teach them at home, balik probinsya, stranded OFWs, traditional jeepneys, senior citizens and those lose their jobs because of the pandemic.

Anglao replied to the Kapamilya actress’ tweet by asking if she heard of HB 6815 ARISE Philippines Act and the HB 6920 CURES Act of 2020?

Anglao wanted to tell the Kapamilya actress that the said bills are the government’s answer to her concern about unemployment, plans for covid etc but because of the Congressional hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise, the passage of the bills has been delayed.

Anglo believed, which many of you folks also agree, that the ABS-CBN franchise bill is not a priority.

The Kapamilya actress replied that if the ARISE bill is such an important bill, she agreed that this should be prioritized then. Instead of focusing on shutting down of ABS-CBN & cutting the livelihood of the people who depend on it, giving support to the economic needs of the people should be prioritized, Locsin added.

The Kapamilya actress later tweeted that the ARISE bill was approved last June on it’s 3rd reading so the problem was not their call for ABS-CBN franchise. Sensing she had the upper hand, the actress threw shade at Anglo saying he was not so informed after all.

Anglao replied by accusing the actress that she failed to understand the nitty-gritty of the tweet. He said his point that if the actress wants the government to focus on the pandemic, why would she insert the ABS-CBN issues?

The Kapamilya actress replied that she found it ironic that Anglao is pushing for ARISE for those who are affected economically and yet he is against defending jobs of ABS-CBN workers. Locsin said it was her last reply since Anglao does not know what he was saying.

Anglao turned the tables around by pointing out the hypocrisy of the Kapamilya actress by defending the jobs of ABS-CBN workers but mum on the labor issues her network is facing.

Anglao explained he is not against defending the ABS-CBN employees but his beef is, the Kapamilya actress wants to put all the blame to the government.

At this juncture, the Kapamilya actress appeared to have had enough of the humiliation and tweeted the threatening remarks.

Anglao responded to the threatening tweet of the Kapamilya actress by pointing out that making such gesture is a barbaric form of getting her way and only done by felons.

The Kapamilya actress said she would gladly debate with real people not someone hiding behind a fake account.

And finally, after Anglao changed his profile pic to prove to the Kapamilya actress that he is not a troll, he was blocked.

You may read RJ Anglao’s full FB post below.

ANGEL LOCSIN’s threat to an ordinary citizen’s tweet.

I can’t answer all your questions guys so please read the caption of each photo.

PS: To those who are saying that I’m playing the “victim card” here, sorry— YOU’RE WRONG! If you hate me because you love Angel, please know as well that I’m a fan & I’m actually one of the people on twitter who defended her for being BODY SHAMED. It’s not “pa VICTIM” when you’re just explaining your side because if you still trust fully the mainstream media today, then you’re closing your mind to know the reality. Angel Locsin’s contribution to the country is not undermined here. What is not okay is THREATENING someone just because she can’t handle the heat.

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Source: RJ Anglao

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