Angelica Panganiban’s parking lot rant on Twitter vs Red Cross Subic backfires, draws flak from netizens

“Isang oras lang nagrereklamo na?? Bakit hindi pumunta sa loob ng red cross? Ano ginagawa mo sa parking lot? 😅😅

These are the questions Andrew Olivar aka Boy Landi wants Angelica Panganiban to answer following the Kapamilya actress’ rant on Twitter against the Philippine Red Cross?

Olivar joked that Angelica Panganiban need not worry since her blood (pressure) had shot up because of the long wait so he advised her to go home and laughed.

“DONT worry ANGELICA tumaas naman na DUGO mo kakahintay kaya okay na yan.. uwi ka na.. nadagdaganna yung dugo mo ahhahahahaa”

Olivar’s FB post has left his socmed followers in stitches, generating 4,219 reactions, 789 comments and 121 shares in just 9 hours since hitting the publish button on Facebook.

Of the 4,000+ reactions, 3000+ netizens hit the laugh emoji button, proof that Olivar’s FB post has amused his followers.

In case you missed it, Angelica Panganiban ranted on Twitter against the Philippine Red Cross after she and a companion had to wait for than hour in the parking lot of Red Cross Subic. The Kapamilya actress tweeted that the people who came at the same time with them had already left. She also complained that those who arrived later than them were prioritized. The actress said that if there is such a thing as “palakasan”, it is just fine and she will let the world know by tweeting about it.

“Hello redcross subic!! Isang oras na kami sa dito sa parking area niyo. Nakaalis na din mga nakasabay namin. At inuna niyo pa yung ibang bagong dating. Okay lang naman kung palakasan ­čÖé tweet ko na lang.”

Turned out, Panganiban tweeted an hour earlier, complaining about getting ignored by Red Cross Subic staffs.

Based on Angelica Panganiban’s tweet, which was also confirmed by a netizen who is connected with Subic Red Cross, Angelica Panganiban’s companion was the one who needed the swab test.

Panganiban’s tweet went viral on Twitter, generating 7,400 likes, 812 retweets and 792 comments. However, majority of the tweets were critical of the Kapamilya actress.

Here’s the comment of Twitter netizen using the handle @cccyousoon.

@KimmyDomingo5 replied to Angelica Panganiban.

Meanwhile on Facebook, Olivar’s FB post poking fun at Angelica Panganiban’s rant went viral too, generating thousands of reactions among Olivar’s socmed followers.

Here are some of the unflattering comments of netizens towards Angelica Panganiban on Andrew Olivar’s FB thread.

“Talagang langawin ka sa kakahintay sa parking lot ba naman e dapat nakipila ka na lang miss angelica,” wrote one netizen.

“Bakit kasi nasa parking lot? Asan ang pila nasa kotse nya?” asked another netizen.

“this tweet reeks of entitlement and self-importance. tsk…” commented another.

“Kami nga mga buntis pumipila sa red cross at kelangan namin un sa panganganak.. Imagine mo yun angge buntis ha pumipila sa init ng araw.. Idol pa naman kita tapos ganyan ka.┬á😢┬áProud taga subic here😊┬ákelangan mo magpa appointment nextime my mga julalay ka naman siguro to do that,” a Subic resident wrote.

“Karamihang Artista tlga sa pinas lalo n mga taga ABSCBN..mga feeling entitled┬á🙄

Please read the text in the image below to get an idea how to avoid the experience of Angelica Panganiban should you wish to have a swab test at Red Cross in one of these days.



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