Angry British national threatens to report BBC to UK’s regulating body unless they respond to letter re Jover Laurio

In protest of BBC giving undue prominence to Pinoy Ako Blog after she was given the platform to speak before the world, this British national wrote an open letter to BBC.

If you’d recall, Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog fame came out of nowhere, courtesy of BBC, after her identity was outed by pro-Duterte bloggers.

Laurio cried online harassment from angry Duterte supporters, including receiving death threats since she was identified.

Malcolm Conlan, a Londoner married to a Filipina, also lamented that British news media giant have shown their bias by highlighting the alleged extra-judicial killings in Duterte’s war on drugs in previous news reports while failing to interview the victims of drug dealers and drug addicts.

Please read the excerpts of Malcolm Conlan’s open letter to BBC below.

Last night 13/10/2017, in a BBC News story, the person behind the notorious and biased Pinoy Ako Blog, Jover Laurio, was interviewed, following her being unmasked, following her campaign of hate against President Duterte and other politicians and bloggers in the Philippines, including Sass Rogando Sasot from ‘For the Motherland PH’ whom she personally insulted.

I believe the Pinoy Ako Blog and it’s author was given undue prominence as there was no blogger who was Pro-Duterte given any chance to respond to her fake news about the Duterte Presidency.

Furthermore, the BBC also ran another story at the same time showing a rehabilitation centre in the Philippines and insinuating that drug addicts would be safer there than on the streets. In fact in the Facebook, the BBC mentioned ‘Duterte’s Bloody War on Drugs’. Which is an untrue and biased analysis of the legitimate campaign against illegal drugs.

I believe your reporting is biased and misleading as it does not interview victims of drug dealers or addicts, does not highlight the 1.4 million Filipinos who have given up illegal drugs, or the decrease in poverty, investments in infrastructure, free education, improved healthcare or other positive achievements of the Duterte administration.

Obviously getting impatient with the apparent snub from BBC, Malcolm Conlan took to Facebook with another open letter to BBC, but this time, the Brit has shown more aggressiveness by threatening BBC to report to UK’s OfCom, which is UK’s communications regulatory body.

To: BBC Complaints,

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you following the email you sent me in response to my complaint to the BBC sent on 14th October 2017.

Having gone to the time and trouble of organising a protest outside the BBC Broadcasting House and setting up a petition against BBC bias which gained 21,000 signatures, I am very surprised that neither of them had been officially responded to by you.

I even personally emailed the Director General, Tony Hall, again there was no acknowledgment.

As I stated in my previous email, I would have expected the BBC to have also interviewed a Pro-Duterte blogger in the interests of fairness.

I don’t believe it was appropriate to have given undue, exclusivity to the Pinoy Ako Blog, who’s website insulted politicians, Bloggers and supporters of the President.

I pay my TV Licence, in the hope that I will be presented with the whole story, delivered in an impartial manner, not just a one sided, biased account full of lies and deceit.

I would expect at the very least that you acknowledge the efforts of those who signed the petition and attended the subsequent protest, not to just totally ignore our right to protest and expect a response.

Thank you. Your failure to respond within 20 working days will leave me with no choice but to take up my concerns with OfCom.

Malcolm Conlan
British National and TV Licence payer


OfCom is the communications regulator in the UK. We regulate the TV, radio and video-on-demand sectors, fixed-line telecoms (phones), mobiles and postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate.

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Source: Malcolm Conlan

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