Angry netizen calls former DAR Sec. Mariano ‘bitter’ following news report he is joining Sept. 21 rally against Duterte

Loyalty just like honesty is a rare commodity in this day and age.

Take the case of former DAR Secretary Paeng Mariano. He got a job in the Duterte government and accomplished a lot by distributing 26,000 hectares to farmer beneficiaries, but after failing to hurdle the Commission on Appointments and lost his Cabinet post, he is now poised to turn his back against Duterte. [Link here]

Credits to Krizette Chu

This is why a highly emotional Krizette Laureta Chu took to Facebook, lashing at former DAR Secretary Paeng Mariano following his statement he is joining the Sept. 21 rally against Duterte.

Chu, a staunch Duterte supporter minces no words in expressing her displeasure of Mariano, whom she campaigned hard on social media to hurdle the CA.

Check out her post below.

As I’ve always repeated, only 3 people’s appointments in cabinet mattered to me: Gina, Judy, and Paeng.
Now I’m not so sure about Paeng Mariano.

He blames the President for not supporting him because he was rejected by the CA. He says he’ll be joining the rally on Sept 21 “Laban sa pasistang DUTERTE – US regimen.”

Duterte-US regimen are words that do not belong to each other, in the same way that “Leila de Lima-canonization” “Leni Robredo MENSA membership” and “Antonio Trillanes dignity” are words you shouldn’t see in the same sentence.

The CA is made up of people who are also from the minority bloc, by people who are allied with landlords Aquino, or are landlords themselves, like Sato.

Ngayon kasalanan na naman ni Duterte, and Mariano is so disappointing because, only three weeks ago, he was working for the “rehimeng US-Duterte.”

So bale for one entire year, hindi rehimeng US Duterte Ang pinagtrabahuan ninyo? So bale one month ago nagbago ng polisiya si Duterte? Either that or, sa pagmamahal mo sa puwesto, tiniis mo mag trabaho sa ilalim ng isang rehimeng kinasusuklaman mo. So what does this make you, Rafael ‘Ka Paeng’ Mariano?
Ambilis naman magbago ng pananaw mo, Ka Paeng, hindi ka lang na bigyan ng seat sa gobyerno.

And he we are charging people like the hated Mocha or any supporter na ang habol Lang Kay Duterte eh, trabaho sa gobyerno, when it’s people like Mariano who exhibit this predilection. Duterte did not need the Left to win, but he was an inclusive President. His Left leanings even hurt Duterte more than helped him during the campaign! There were people who didn’t like him for his “communism,” and it was one of the major issues thrown against him.
Tapos they will say kasi they’re Leftist kaya hindi ina approve.

Kumusta naman si Gina Lopez? That woman never said anything bad about the President. She understood that the very reason the co equal branches of the government exist is that other people should be able to veto the President.

(In other news, I was so disappointed whenMark Villarr became DPWH SEC., and now he is one of the best performing secretaries under this government. And he listens too. Kaya lang, Secretary, paki ayos naman ng sistema. I am aware that there are congressmen or governors or government officials who still accept kickback from contractors Kaya puro substandard Ang gawa sa karamihan ng infra sa probinsya. Paano niyo ba maaayos ito? Kasi it still happens.)

So back to Ka Paeng. What a bitter man you have allowed yourself to become. Buti na Lang Hindi ka na confirm if ganito ka mag isip.

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