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Angry netizens slam Philippine Daily Inquirer for spreading another fake news about the Marawi incident

Netizens slam Inquirer for spreading fake news

Netizens slam Inquirer for spreading fake news

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is at again!

On Wednesday, at exactly 11:53 AM, the Facebook page of PDI updated the public of what happened in Marawi City by sharing a couple of photos allegedly taken a day after armed militants wreaked havoc in Marawi city.

The photos showed burned cars and a school building.

Photos courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer

Photos courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer

Photos courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer

However, netizen Loel RT quickly exposed PDI’S and commented: “Oh man.. dont fool us. Google search by image will tell the truth. The result is cotabato bombing 2013”

John Dee wrote: “Please stop spreading nonsense post like this. This is not the actual photo of what happen in Marawi City right now. This photo taken years ago.”

Lucas Sarangani said: “I think this photo is not in marawi city”

Jesus de Veyra joined the dissenting voices and remarked: “old photo , 2013 cotabato bombing……”

Victor Villarosa wrote: “cotobato bombing yan 2013..ano ba yen”

Roy Alexis Bico said: “sa cotabato ito hindi sa marawi”

Leonil Subaldo Aprosta wrote: “This was bombing in cotabato before……….. misleading picture”

Sarah Jane S. Daud commented: “False news, pls. Stop spreading news like this nbabahala ang mga tao.”

Lucas Sarangani told PDI to stop spreading fake news: “Dont spread false pictures pls”

Sherry Guico wrote: “I’ve been told that this was already an old pic, that this was from Cotabato and not from Marawi? Do you have further proof that this is from Marawi?”

Meanwhile, one netizen vouched that the third photo showing a burned school building is authentic.

Mamad Alonto remarked: “this is the only true picture of what happened last night.”

As of this writing, PDI has not done anything to correct the post or issue an apology.

The post has gathered 1,141 shares, 4,349 reactions and 225 comments and counting.

UPDATE: Inquirer deleted the controversial post. Screenshot provided below. Please click the photo to see the clearer copy.

Inquirer claims photos taken in Marawi

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