Angry netizens slams Rappler for spreading ‘fake’ news about donating blood

Rappler is once again embroiled in another embarrassing controversy after posting an infographics urging the public to donate blood in time for the World Blood Donor Day celebration.

Netizens with medical background quickly noticed something is not right with Rappler’s post and did not hesitate to call out the attention of the news website.

Rachel Alcalde, a nurse by profession, commented on the thread opened by Rappler that reads: Haapy Rappler, when will you ever stop spreading “misleading” information?!

Alcalde urged Rappler to read the WHO’s guidelines for blood donor selection.

Joey Dela Cruz gives Rappler a free lecture about the topic. “As a medical technologist, Ms. Sass, sampal sa amin ito as well as to the entire medical field. Rappler, may Philippine Medical Association, may Philippine Blood Bank Council, Philippine Red Cross bakit di man lang kayo nakipag coordinate sa kanila to clarify, ganyan kaliit ang research task force nyo? One more thing, hindi sa wrist ang extraction ng blood during blood donation! SA MEDIAN CUBITAL VEIN! Illustration na nga lang! Mali pa!”

Reden Ramos commented: “U dont need an advice from any expert to understand that the diabetic person cant donate blood because the sickness itself is relevant on blood. Abnormal blood to be exact.”

Napoleon Salido Antifona wrote: “Fake news yan…basta Rappler wag kayung magtitiwala…puro imbento mga balita nyan…puro katang isip lang lol…kya pag nagbasa ka ng balita sa rappler sigurado magiging bobo ang utak mo.”

Social media blogger Sass Rogando Sasot did not waste the opportunity to bash Rappler on Facebook that reads:

“Hanggang ngayon untouchable pa rin ang Rappler? Their blood donation post is so full inaccuracies that are inimical to public health!”

Netizen Bernard Ranoy asks if Rappler is liable for spreading wrong information. “I’m not even surprised sa misinformation nila. Should we call on DOH and file cases(if any) against this property developer?”

Eric Saint-Clair commented: “This kind of information has the potential to endanger lives. Walang konsensya ba tong mga hayop na ‘to? Itong Rappler ang dapat transfuse’an ng dugo na wala nang blood typing at cross matching eh. ‘Nyeta.”

Marck Jao is in a state of disbelief while reading Rappler’s post. “Donate blood even when you have high blood pressure? as long as systolic is less than 180mmhg? 130/90 is already the borderline 140mmhg above is already a high blood pressure. Most doctors don’t even advise donating when you’re already in the borderline because you’re heart will compensate for the loss of blood that you donated. It compensates by stimulating your heart to pump harder “you heart exerts more pressure than it usually does” which causes your BP to increase more and lead to further complications. The piercings and tattoo are ok as long as you pass the screening test but the rest are very questionable and a no no from my experience. Or maybe I’m just outdated :D”

Ogie De Guzman pokes fun at the news website. “Rappler is now a legitimate WOW MALI ! branch. If you want entertainment read their articles but if you want serious legitimate information better read elsewhere. THeir main star Ressa is under exclusive contract with Rappler and cannot make appearances on Gag shows…sorry po but that is her contract. “‘

Tin Tin C is exasperated with Rappler’s laziness to consult the Red Cross on the matter. “my God! couldn’t they have just asked from red cross or doh for guidelines? that way everyone is sure that information actually came from the people who actually know what they are doing and saying?

Elziam Clvs remarked: “A low-key genocidal maniac ata tong Rappler. Gusto ata patayin unti unti mga pinoy. Patay malisya sa katangahan. Simpleng reasearch lang sana di pa magawa ng maayos 🙄 #NoWonderRappler”

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