“Ano nga ba ang nagawa nyong mga Senador to help?” — Netizen to Binay following senator’s ‘sa narinig namin di nyo pinaghandaan’ remarks

Senator Nancy Binay has earned her the ire of Duterte supporters, including FB blogger Noel Landero Sarifa after she scolded the DOH for their lack of foresight to prepare for local transmission of covid-19.

Binay confronted the DOH for telling the public not to panic but what she had heard, they were making her panic. Based on what they’ve heard, the DOH did not prepare for local transmission (covid-19). We only have 2,000 kits out of 100M population. Is that scary? Binay asked.

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Sarifa, in a sarcastic tone, nodded in agreement with Binay. He then asked why the government did not prepare, and that includes her. Why did you depend everything to DOH and the President? What have you done Senators to help? Sarifa asked Nancy Ninay and fellow senators. “Oo nga no? Bakit nyo hindi pinaghandaan, kasama po dapat kayo doon. Bakit nyo inasa sa DOH and sa pangulo ang lahat? Ano nga ba ang nagawa nyong mga Senador to help?”

Weren’t you busy of the ABS and POGO issue and contradicting the VFA decision of President Duterte? You had ample time since December until no. What have you done? Sarifa asked again? “Di ba Busy kayo sa ABS and Pogo and to contradict the VFA decision ni Duterte.. You had ample time, December, January, February March! What have you done?”

“The world is not prepared, the world is scarce of Testing kit, not just us,” Sarifa stated.

Sarifa went on to tell Binay what she and her colleagues could have done on their part to prepare the country for the covid-19 crisis.

“At least you and the other senators could have helped pass

– an Emergency Spending Bill.
– You could have pass a bill that will safe guard our economy and
– a bill that will help us maximize even private hospitals if incase the outbreak goes out of hand.
– A Bill that will cover hospital bills of people infected
– A Bill that will aid DOST in producing test kit for NCOV or give them enough fund to help the world in coming up with a vaccine.”

Sarifa lamented that instead of helping, the senators like Binay resorted to finger-pointing, pretend there is nothing they can do but watch. Why? Because the senate have a different agency and public safety is not one them. “but NO! here you are, pointing fingers rather than lending a hand. You act as if there is nothing you can do and just watch. Because the senate has different agenda, and that does not include public health safety.”

Sarifa ended the FB with a grim reminder to Senator Binay. “Baka nakalimutan nyo po Sen. Nancy, if this government fails, you are part of it.”

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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