“Anong kinalaman ng demokrasya sa renewal ng franchise ng ABS-CBN?” — Netizen to Enchong Dee after actor urged fellow artists to defend democracy

ABS-CBN actor Enchong Dee isn’t a household name in the mold of John Lloyd Cruz or Piolo Pascual but the actor has established quite a following on Twitter as a vocal critic of the Duterte administration.

Not much, but hey any publicity is still a publicity, right?

The young actor has opinion on almost every issue that crops up on social media, especially when it concerns the Duterte government.

True to his form, the actor took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the Quo Warranto petition filed by the Solicitor General in the Supreme Court versus the franchise of ABS-CBN.

According to the actor, he would always tell people that “artists should be the first line of defense of our democracy “, people tend to agree, but mostly do nothing it or get reprimanded for getting political.

The actor continued: “Very few listen and even fewer are brave enough stand their ground because of their reputation.”

The actor said that he is a Filipino first and actor second. He urged his fellow artists to be vigilant not only because their jobs is in peril, but mainly because they are Filipinos fighting for democracy and Constitution of our country.

The actor ended the post saying he knew the trolls will attack later but he is not the type who will be cowed and scared his “little” popularity.

The actor’s sentiment has been shared by thousands of Twitter netizens, gathering more than 20,000 likes and 3,200+ retweets as of this writing.

While Dee’s tweet has been popular on Twitter and the ABS-CBN supporters, the same cannot be said among the supporters of President Duterte.

Enchong Dee’s loudest critic was none other than Noel Landero Sarifa, a popular pro-Duterte Facebook blogger, if you will.

In his FB post, Sarifa did not waste a second and directly attack the logic of Enchong Dee’s tweet, asserting that the Quo Warranto petition is an attack of our democracy and Constitution.

Sarifa reminded Enchong Dee that ABS-CBN is facing legal issues and asked in sarcastic tone if the artists of ABS-CBN are now lawyers? Sarifa again asked ABS-CBN artists why are they answering the legal issue of their mother network?

Legal Issues ang kinakaharap ng ABS-CBN. Abogado na ba ang mga artist ng ABS-CBN ngaun? Bakit kayo ang haharap ng legal issues ng inyong kumpanya?

An apparently annoyed Sarifa asked Dee what democracy and human rights have to do with the Quo Warranto petition? Did their mouths have been told to shut up? Did the military descends on ABS-CBN and lock down their premises?

Ano kinalaman ng demokrasya? Baka human rights? Nabusalan na ba ang mga bibig nyo para di makapagsalita? Sinugod na ba ng mga militar ang ABS-CBN? Nakalock down na ba ang premise?

“Was there use of force at forced shut down of ABS-CBN,” Sarida peppered Enchong Dee with more questions in Tagalog?

Sarifa told Enchong Dee that the government is doing all these by following the legal process, giving ABS-CBN the chance to explain and prove their innocence against the allegation filed before the SC.

Hindi ba’t idinadaan ng gobyerno ang lahat sa legal na proseso, binibigyan ng pagkakataon ng korte ang ABS-CBN ng pagkakataong magpaliwanag and to prove their innocence against allegation filed.

Sarifa went on to lecture the actor the meaning of the word democracy because it appears to him that the actor has gotten his definition of its meaning all mixed up. Sarifa also enlightened the actor the type of governance practiced by his employer is Oligarchy.

Mali ata pagkaintindi mo sa word na democracy, The definition of democracy is a form of government in which the common people hold political power and can rule either directly or through elected representatives in other words “ruled by the people”. Wala namang democracy sa loob ng ABS-CBN, ang mga tao ba ng ABS-CBN ang nag-appoint ng management nyo, ang nasusunod sa loob ng kumpanya? Anong pinaglalaban mo kung hindi naman democratic yong governance ng company mo? For your information the type of governance mayroon ang ABS-CBN is Oligarchy, a type of institution governed by small group of people.

Sarifa said that democracy dies when the people loses the right to choose their leader in a democratic country.

Sarifa ended the post by reiterating his question, what has democracy has to do with renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise.

Uulitin ko ang tanong, anong kinalaman ng demokrasya sa renewal ng franchise ng ABS-CBN?

what do you think? Correct me if I am wrong.


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Source: Noel Sarifa

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