Anonymous netizen challenges Pres. Duterte to make Ozamiz City a test case against anti-drugs campaign

A post challenging President Duterte to make Ozamiz City a test case against the anti-illegal drugs campaign has been making the rounds online recently.

In a Facebook post, Even Demata published the open letter of a netizen containing the appeal to President Duterte. The netizen requested Demate not to reveal his identity for security purposes .

In the post, the anonymous netizen wrote, “if Duterte succeeds in Ozamiz City, we are certain he can also succeed in his drug war all throughout the Philippines.”

You may check out the full text of the open letter below to understand where the guy is coming from.

Not all the killings that we saw on Facebook are drug related.

In OZAMIZ CITY where the Parojinog drug cartel and the kuratong baleleng terrorizes the people there, we also have heroes who refused to submit themselves to fear and intimidation and fought for what is RIGHT!

Juan Dongallo, Jr. a father of 3 was murdered on broad daylight in front of Ozamiznons. He was shot 40 times by 6 men one of which is Ardot Parojinog’s personal body guard Jimmy Chan, Jr. and his nephew Epok Gabisan Parojinog.

There are witnesses and cctv footage for the murder but nobody came out to witness due to fear and until now their cases remained cold in the hands of corrupt policemen. Epok and Jimmy Chan are freely roaming around the city even with some warrants of arrest that they carry for their other crimes.

Juan Dongallo, Jr. was seeking justice and was filing a police blotter for the murder of his friend against the same men who later murdered him.

He’s friend who owned a dental laboratory was murdered a week earlier because he refused to pay protection money to the kuratong.

Christopher Cuesta, a father of 2 children and owner of a brake bonding shop was murdered by the kuratong baleleng because he refused to pay protection money.

Other than Juan Dongallo, Jr. and Christopher Cuesta, there are more people murdered by the kuratong baleleng under the leadership of Aldong Parojinog which are not drug related and whose cases remained cold and unsolved.

In the war against drugs, the war needs to start in Ozamiz City, the sanctuary of criminals and the seat of the Mindanao mafia aka Kuratong Baleleng.

Freeze down their bank accounts, their businesses and force their people to scream their leaders names.

If Duterte succeeds in Ozamiz City, we are certain he can also succeed in his drug war all throughout the Philippines.

As of this writing, the camp of Mayor Parojinog has not issued any statement in response to the serious allegations mentioned in the open letter.

In fairness to the Parojinogs of Ozamiz, the actions of their bodyguards do not necessarily mean they are responsible for the fate of the people named in the letter.

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