Anonymous Philippines disowns guy in viral post; says if they will issue a warning, it will be for all Presidential candidates

Anonymous Philippines has issued a statement regarding the viral post pertaining to a guy claiming to be a member of the hacking group, renown for hacking activism in the past few years.

In a Facebook post, Anonymous Philippines called the attention of yours truly, Pinoy Trending News of the viral post featuring the threat issued against Mar Roxas not to cheat on the May 2016 Presidential election, otherwise, the alleged hacker will raid Roxas’s bank accounts.

Please read the statement of Anonymous Philippines below:

Dear Pinoy Trending News,

This article is very misleading, we did not issue this warning. If we will send a warning, it will not just for one candidate. The individual in the said article is not in any way, connected with us.


But one thing is clear, Anonymous Philippines has a big role to play in the coming election to safeguard the integrity of the ballots. They have already demonstrated their hacking ability many times over in the past and recently, the defacing of the Comelec website. Please check the video below:

Embarrassed by the hacking of its website, Comelec spokesman James Jimenez insists that vote counting machines will use a stand-alone system that hackers will not be able to easily breach. Please read the full post here.

Jimenez revealed that the automated polls use encrypted data and a virtual private network and added that election results will be transmitted to multiple recipients, making it hard to hack.

Weeks earlier Anonymous Philippines issued a warning via video message to the poll body and urged the Comelec to implement the security features of the vote counting machines.

The poll body filed an appeal in the Supreme Court regarding the security features, particularly the voter’s receipt, but the SC favored against the wishes of the poll body of not wanting to issue a voter’s receipt.

You may watch the video below in case you failed to watch it.

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