“Anonymous Philippines” warns corporate media, oligarchs: “Stop messing with Duterte or face our fury!”

Anonymous Philippines is back to what it does best – combining online activism and hacking to get the attention of the public in furtherance of their cause.

But this time, Anonymous Philippines posted a video to warn the paid agitator, corporate media, the oligarchs and those who are planting the seeds of discontent to the current administration of a dire consequences including destroying their online presence, denial of financial services, online harassment and many more.

The more than 4-minute video was first shared by Mr. Riyoh, a Duterte supporter with a sizeable following online.

Check out the transcript of the video below.

Greetings, citizens of the Philippines.
We are anonymous. We are everyone. We are everywhere. We are the daily bystander who overheard your conversation, and the IT personnel who copied or intercepted your data.

We are the service technician who listened in on your phone conversations, and the cell tower operator who managed to read your sins. We are the security guard whom you trust with your life to protect you. We are silently lurking and very vigilant on your every action.

The massive campaign of misinformation from the Philippines has come to our attention. Several of the country’s corporate media, as well as nongovernmental sectors are discrediting and planning to ultimately overthrow President Duterte.

This needs to stop now or we will launch the biggest cyber-attack in the history of the Philippines. We are with the combined cyber arsenal equivalent to decades of expertise.

We will be targeting every person and their corresponding families who are involved in the misinformation campaigns. This includes every single paid agitator and those who are planting the seeds of discontent to the current administration.

It will be relentless and sustained until you wish you lived in an era without the internet. We will destroy your cyber presence. You will suffer daily harassment and denial to use any financial service. Your private photos and videos and those of all the members of your family will be exposed, and find the tiniest details to put your reputation at peril.

We have done this before. Defy us, and we will employ all our cunning and creativity to ensure that you experience misery you have never thought possible in your perfectly crafted world. Consider yourself warned!

We encourage everyone to put an effort to examine the news carefully, to check the details and then to look at the bigger picture.

For years, the oligarchs have been in full control of the Philippines. It is glaringly obvious how the powerful and corrupt has manipulated the distribution of wealth in the country for their selfish gain. Many of us are in extreme poverty.

We are forced to receive horrible services for ridiculous prices, the public infrastructure is a complete joke compared to the enormous tax rates that we are paying.

The majority of the Filipino workforce receive a salary that does not match the standard cost of living. More than three million of us have given up on this condition and have succumbed to the numbing pleasure of illegal drugs, while behind the drug trades are also the powerful minority who are siphoning not only our hard-earned money but our hope for a brighter future.

The current President is dedicated to changing this status quo, but there are oppositions trying their best to stop it. We will never allow it!

Not on our watch. This is a call to protect the leader we voted for, even if we have to fight fire with fire.
For those who are coveting the office of the President, please bear in mind the events in Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt and Bahrain. We are meant to deliver because:

We are anonymous. We are a legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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