Another epic Twitter fail of ABS-CBN’s Karen Davila draws laughs, jeers on Twitter & Facebook

No wonder some social media peeps think ABS-CBN’s Karen Davila has low or zero credibility among mainstream media personalities especially when she makes stupid or dumb tweets against Pres. Duterte.

Her latest tweet on the SC decision on Carlos Celdran case perfectly demonstrates this.

On Twitter, Davila questioned the Supreme Court’s decision affirming the lower court decision finding Carlos Celdran guilty for offending religious feelings when no less than the President (Duterte) has cursed the church.

To the Supreme Court: How can @carlosceldran be penalized for Offending Religious Feelings when no less than the President has cursed the church?

While Davila’s tweet was popular among her Twitter followers re: SC decision on Celdran case, judging by the thousands of likes the tweet generated (2.7K likes), her critics mocked Davila for her ignorance of the law.

Richard 理查德 Imperial @RichImperial

GONE ARE THE DAYS WHEN JOURNALISTS ARE WELL-RESPECTED in their chosen field. andami na kasi ngayon mga journalists na nagmamarunong. i hope Ms. Karen will take a cue from Ms. Tina Monson-Palma. she’s still well-respected coz she’s not stooping down to the level of ordinary folks.

May Pamintuan @Maylin0915

What do you expect from Karen eh Dutch of Cambridge nga si Prince Williams lol

JULIA SANTOS @julia_santos112

Pero mas gusto yung subway if above the ground or below the ground naloka ako dun 😂

RyanDCo @ryancoesq

Karen, you have a lot of followers and I hope your tweet won’t be misleading. Essential element of the crime under Art 133 of RPC is “the act complained of was done in a PLACE DEVOTED TO RELIGIOUS PURPOSE.” Hence, the apparent difference. I hope this answers your legal query.

Maris Angelica @MaicaAyuyao

Ma’am, Offending religious feelings would only be a crime if an act notoriously offended the feelings in the faithful if committed in: (1) a place of worship or (2) during celebration of any religious ceremony.@RRD_Davao has not cursed the church on any of those situations yet.

⚓PinoyPosiedon ⚓ @SeaAlter69

Akala ko pa naman kapag Journalist gumagamit ng fact bago ilabas ang statement. Hahahaha… nagmukhang bobo at stupid ka sa comment mo. #UseFactualEvidence.

Meanwhile on Facebook, popular blogger and international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot couldn’t resist the opportunity to figuratively kick Karen Davila after she was KO’ed by angry netizens on Twitter.

Karen Davila, napakalaki ng sinasahod mo, pero di ka man lang nag-research? Alam mo ba iyong batas na na-violate ni Celdran? Eto:

Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code only prohibits offending religious feelings “in a place devoted to religious worship or during the celebration of any religious ceremony.” Outside those contexts, religious feelings aren’t protected from being offended.

So, i-spoon feed pa ba sayo kung bakit di applicable kay Duterte yan, pero applicable sa ginawa ni Celdran?

Your thoughts?

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