Another ex-NPA cadre links Sarah Elago, Neri Colmenares, Makabayan bloc to CPP, calls ’em hypocrites for denying being CPP

Another former member of the CPP-NPA named “Ka Marge” have surfaced to expose the Makabayan Bloc.

In a press conference hosted by NTF-ELCAC, Ka Marge was presented together with fellow rebel returnees, wherein she ratted out her former comrades in the CPP-NPA like Sarah Elago, Teddy Casino, Neri Colmenares, Carlos Zarate and other members of the Makabayan Bloc.

According to her, Sarah Elago has become an expert in recruiting the youths. Ka Marge described Sarah Elago as someone very ripe and “inugat na” or has taken roots in the CPP.

The video began with Ka Marge acknowledging what Ka Efren and Ka Shane said earlier, regarding the what they revealed about the election and the entry of Makabayan bloc and that it always has the CPP’s blessings.

Ka Marge revealed that the region and committees of a cadre plays a role in choosing the nominee and the face of every partylist in the Philippines.

Ka Marge cited what happened in 2013 in her region, a fellow member of CPP in the Kilusang Kabataang Estudyante in Cagayan Valley was chosen as the 4th nominee of the Kabataang Partylist. The same pattern was repeated in 2016. But this time, another member was chosen as the 4th nominee of the Kabataan partylist.

Ka Marge agreed with fellow CPP members saying they are not NPA because they are not part of the armed component. But, they are heads of the regional and provincial committees where they operate.

Ka Marge said she was speaking from personal experience wherein a fellow party member was chosen as Kabataan Partylist nominee. She recalled that when she was active in the movement, the one who recruited her while studying in PUP Sta Mesa was the 4th nominee.

Life as an NPA

Ka Marge concurred with the earlier statement of Ka Shane that they ate rice, salt and cooking oil as their regular diet. They literally walked the whole day, carrying heavy loads until dawn.

Activist receives no salary

Ka Marge also confirmed the rumor that activist does not receive a salary when they campaign for Makabayan bloc during election.

NPAs wear ragtag clothes

Ka Marge also confirmed that NPAs wear worn out clothes and boots. She said these combatants are not necessarily a member of the party (CPP) and more often than not, they don’t know what is happening at the higher level.

Ka Marge recalled that when she was part of the NPA unit, she rose from the ranks up to the provincial committee, she saw from her own eyes and that was the reason why she decided to climb down the mountain. Ka Marge revealed that every politician that enters an NPA area, one must pay not less than P100K.

Makabayan bloc is under the CPP/NPA/NDF

In the red area, a NPA command vote is the norm. Meaning, the CPP/NPA/NDF will deliver the votes for Makabayan bloc of Colmenares and Teddy Casino in the red area.

At the Barangay level, the votes will be divided among the partylists. For example, one barangay votes for Anak Pawis, the next barangay votes for Bayan Muna and so on and so forth. Now, if someone asks why they are doing this?

Well, according to Ka Marge, power and money is the bottom line. Tons of cash goes to the NPA unit and the CPP but none of it goes to the combatant and the activist who attends every rally and exchange blows with riot police; to the NPA who engage the soldiers in a firefight and even die. Hence, that’s the reason why she said and fellow cadres come to the realization that all of it was deception.

Ka Marge confirmed what we already knew, the CPP/NPA/NDF’s favorite tactic in recruiting is use the hunger of the people a huge issue, to make the people hate the government. She discouraged the youths to join the NPA because it will just make their situation worse than when they started. What do they get from joining the NPA?

Makabayan bloc will not get no votes unless the NPA does the leg work, organizes to get the votes. That is why Ka Marge said what happened is deception. Money and power go to the CPP if they can recruit a lot of student activist and recruit student activist to join the NPA.

Ka Marge made a realization the government will not listen to the NPA unless they wield big guns. They cannot get votes if they don’t have a strong armed component.

Ka Marge confirmed that those who joined Anakbayan, Kabataan partylist came from CEGP, NUSP and other organizations like Anak Pawis. Soon, they will become combatants, organizers and deliver the votes so that the Makabayan bloc will win a Congressional seat.

Ka Marge confessed she was not recruited as member of the Kabataan Partylist though she was a member of the party(CPP). She organized and campaigned for Neri Colmenares, Teddy Casino, Kabataan Partylist, Bayan Muna and Gabriela.

Ka Marge slammed those who denied being a member of the CPP (communist party), called them very hypocrites, because it is common knowledge among their members they are CPP-NPA-NDF. Ka Marge laughed that the Chairman (Sison) know they are CPP/NPA/NDF but the nominee claimed he or she does not know? The members recruit CPP NPA. She said it is impossible. Just hypocrisy.

Ka Marge mentioned the dual tactics of the CPP NPA as mentioned previously by Ka Efren. She confirmed the duplicitous nature of the struggle – parliamentary struggle is one.

Ka Marge elaborated that the parliamentary struggle has 4 points. One, mass movement; organizes street protest and rallies. two, electoral struggle. Meaning they join the government. Hi Makabayan Bloc! Three, legal struggle. Meaning, the movement face the case filed against members and activists. Four, peace talks.

Ka Marge declared that the ultimate goal of the parliamentary struggle is to recruit more members to their legal mass organizations, partylist like Kabataan, Makabayan, Bayan Muna and also recruit members to join their underground mass organizations until they become members of the Communist party of the Philippines.


Source: Boses ng DDS

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