Another footage showing partylist Rep. John Bertiz III in a heated shouting match versus OFW goes viral online

A video starring ACTS OFW Party List Rep. Aniceto “John” Bertiz III in a heated shouting match versus Hong Kong OFWs surfaces on social media.

The 98-second video showed Bertiz once again in an unguarded and candid moment wherein the OFW partylist representative exhibited belligerent behavior towards the very people he claimed to represent in Congress.

In the 98-second video, Bertiz and an unnamed individuals can be overheard arguing over who among them sacrificed more for the welfare of the OFW’s.

Bertiz said that he flew all to Hong Kong to listen to the complaints of the OFW’s.

The OFW countered it was them who were forced to listen to Bertiz doing the talking.

In the heat of the shouting match, Bertiz claimed that he represents 10 millions OFWS in Congress.

The OFW counterted that Bertiz is a fraud because he is not representing the welfare of the OFWs but the employment agencies.

In other words, the OFW accused Bertiz of conflict of interest because he himself is the owner of one of the employment agencies sending workers overseas.

Bertiz responded by asking the OFW to reflect if he could have come to Hong Kong if not for the agencies?

To which the OFW replied in the affirmative because Bertiz was not yet in business when he arrived in Hong Kong. Not exactly the same words but that’s the gist.

An angry Bertiz told the OFW that if that’s the case, then he is an undocumented worker.

Bertiz’s accusation was met with boos from the OFW’s who were in attendance of the supposedly listening trip of the Congressman.

Rep. Bertiz behavior in the video was quickly condemned by netizens who saw the viral video.

Juvie Segovia Super unprofessional nyo po Sir Cong. Bertiz. Nakakahiya ka. Isa kang salot sa gobyerno. Sobrang taas ang tingin mo sa sarili mo. If you were indeed chosen by ACTS OFW Party List to represent the millions of OFWs abroad, then why are you so disrespectful, talking down on us OFWs like that?! Undocumented?! I think not. Not all of us used agency to get where we are. Think before you speak po kasi nakakahiya ka and you’re supposed to represent us?? I think not. We don’t need someone like you in the position. We need someone who has the ability to understand or just try to understand what we’re going through- someone who loves their job and want to help us OFWs. We don’t need people like you to represent us. Do your job with respect and professionalism or resign.

Gener Pineda If we want reform in our country people like that does not deserve to be in politics, the people are the master and not slaves! You are a Public Servant you are elected by the People !

Jam Santos Ponio Shame on you! Practice what you preach. We don’t need public servants who abuse their powers. You serve the Filipino people and not the other way around. You should apologize to that airport employee who was just doing his job. Sobrang Bastos ang ginawa mo

You may watch the video below.

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