Another instance when an ordinary OFW rise to the occasion and disputes Senator Trillanes’ lies before foreign audience

So, while the public wonders where in the world was Senator Trillanes, a photo of him holding a dinner plate surfaced online.

Credits to Sass Rogando Sasot for the photo.

Turned out, Trillanes was attending the 61st Session of The Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria badmouthing Duterte with fake statistics on extra judicial killings and claiming the war against illegal drugs has killed innocent children.

Austria DDS leader Ben Repol, couldn’t contain his emotions listening to Trillanes putting Duterte down before European audience, slammed Trillanes by disputing the figures on extra-judicial killings and defending the imposition of Martial law in Mindanao saying as Mindanaoan, he feels safer under Duterte’s Martial law from communist rebels and ISIS militants and does not feel Marcos Martial law.

Repol remarked that the drug dealers and drug lords in the Philippines are not “armless”, in fact they have guns, ready to kill the law enforcers.

Repol said that in police raids against illegal drugs, countless law enforcers have died.

Repol added that the police followed the standard operating procedure in dealing with criminals.

To end his rebuttal, Repol told Trillanes that he is painting the Philippines and Duterte in a bad light while majority of Filipinos supports the President.

Here’s what Ben Repol said to Trillanes:

The millions of supporters of Duterte who wants to eat Sen. Trillanes alive have found their voice in the person of a fellow Duterte supporter who badmouthed Duterte at the 61st Session of The Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria.

I think the senator and the Human Rights here are giving the fake or not real figure of the Philippines. The three thousand is only, I mean accepted by the police. The 16,000 is homicide. So you could not equate 3000 to 6000 to 20000. That’s very dubious.

And the other is, Mr. Senator, you are saying that the popularity is going down. But if you look at the survey, there are already 85 percent of the Filipinos still supporting the President. Why? Because they feel safe now compared to the previous administration. I am from Mindanao. Yes there is Martial Law in Mindanao but we don’t feel the Martial Law of Marcos in Mindanao. We are free to roam around and we feel are protected from the communist, against the ISIS who is working Mindanao. So I think the Senator, I believed the senator is not giving us the right figure. He is falsely leading us to believe that what he has is right. The Philippine government is also protecting the lives of the innocent people. Drug dealers and drug lord are not armless. No, they have guns. They are ready to kill our policemen or law enforcers. How many police we have died during the operation? They are using what we call the standard, legal engagement how to deal with criminal. How to take care of the criminals. So our criminals and druglords in the Philippines are really like criminals. They are armed. They are fully armed. So I don’t think you are picturing the Philippines, you are painting the Philippines in a bad scenario when majority of Filipinos is supporting the President.

Video here.

Kahit saan talaga magtungo ang Senador na ito, laging nabubutata. Pahiya siya sa banat ng isang Filipino sa Austria.

This is the entirety of Trillanes video that triggered Ben Repol to speak against the senator’s lies and misinformation against Duterte.

Can you imagine a president of any country who would actually cite the deaths of his own people from summary executions as an accomplishment? And those being suspected of being drug addicts were not even given a chance to be drug tested, or even if they are real addicts, were no longer given a chance to be rehabilitated and reformed,” sabi ni Trillanes.

You may watch the video now.

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