Another irate passenger blames an airline employee for her postponed vacation abroad!

Passport modus by Cebu pacific crew
On September 18, 2015, an irate netizen issued a warning to her friends to stay vigilant against the Cebu Pacific crews who allegedly ‘ripped off’ the pages of passports, especially those that patronize airline ticket promos. She continued that she was recently victimized by such modus operandus.

The netizen encouraged other victims of such modus to come out in the open and asked what steps they have done regarding the issue. She also tried to elicit answers from her followers if it’s alright to to lodge a formal complaint and where?

According to the netizen, she was on a connecting flight from Davao to NAIA Terminal in Pasay, then to Bangkok Thailand for a one week vacation. Her excitement turned into a huge disappointment when her flight to Thailand was put on hold when a few pages of her passport got disengaged due in part to the recklessness of the Cebu Pacific ground crews handling it.

Take note that traveling using a tampered passport is punishable by law, hence the passport holder has no other recourse but to seek a replacement.

At the time the netizen posted this on Faceboook, it was her 4th day in Manila since she has to wait for the replacement passport to be released so that she may proceed to her dream vacation after childbirth.

Apart from this, staying in Manila means additional strain on her budget since she needs to pay for the hotel and food.

She is even more mad at the Cebu Pacific crew/s when she thinks how she almost fell victim to snatchers while she was in Sta. Cruz Manila for an undisclosed reason. Good thing the netizen said she was near a Police station when the incident happened.

Let me direct your attention to the screen capture of her post so that you can read it in Tagalog and in full text.

netizen complained against Cebu Pacific crew for passport tampering.

Screen capture of the netizen’s complaint against CebuPac crews.

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