Another Leftist leader joins Renato Reyes who calls himself anti-West, anti-capitalist yet patronizes Western brands

A screenshot photo of Ka Leody de Guzman taken from TV Patrol’s livestream on PBBM’s first SONA yesterday has put the Labor leader in the company of Bayan’s Renato Reyes.

The eagle-eyed Bicolano vlogger and Marcos loyalist Edwin Jamora noted something isn’t congruent with Ka Leody’s OOTD and his anti-America, anti-West rhetoric and apparently was very excited to share this with everybody on Facebook.

Jamora, known for his wit and humor signature writing style, did not disappoint and hit the nail right on its head in roasting Ka Leody.

You may now read how Edwin Jamora unmask the hypocrisy of Ka Leody de Guzman as an anti-Western, anti-capitalist advocate.

Palayasin ang mga banyagang ekonomista pwera ang Lacoste! Hahahaha! Char lang! Sabi ng taong hindi daw niya kinikilala si PBBM and VPIS.

An sosyal! De payong pa!


It appears, Ka Leody really likes this polo shirt. When he voted in the May 9 presidential election, he also wore this same brand of polo shirt.

In fairness to Ka Leody, he also wears other brands.

Netizens erupted in laughter after reading how Edwin Jamora roasted Ka Leody de Guzman.

Out of the 1,200 reactions, 1,100 netizen hit the laugh emoji, proof that netizens found Jamora’s roasting of Ka Leody amusing.

While netizens had a good laugh at Jamora’s FB post hitting Ka Leody, many were not happy of the Lacoste-loving Ka Leody.

One netizen wrote that Ka Leody is just pretending to be poor but in reality, he is rich and simply taking a lot of fools for a ride.

Si ka leoding kunwari mahirap pero mayaman na yan hahaha ginagago lang mga utouto nyan

A second netizen remarked that Ka Leody is someone who preaches equality but looking at the picture says otherwise.

Ito yong taong ang bukangbibig ay pantay pantay pero tingnan mo ang kumag na ito parang don ang dating

A third commenter said Ka Leody is anti-foreigner but a Lacoste lover.

Pagra-rally ang hanapbuhay ni dodong Leody De Guzman…Ayaw sa banyaga pero ang brand ng damit Lacoste

This netizen commented that rallyists these days are in a different level and behave like they are the Philippine President.

Wow feeling presidente pinapayungan ibang level na mga rallyista ngaun 🤣🤣


Source: Edwin Jamora

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