Another LP ally makes a fool of himself on national TV; confirms terror cells in Metro Manila but harmless, says Manila just for R&R

After Trillanes disastrous interview with BBC’s HardTALK, another LP ally makes a fool of himself on national limelight.

Though Trillanes is not a Democrat, but a member of the Nationalista Party, he is close ally of the Liberal Party and a vocal critic of the Duterte administration.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, the Chairperson of the National Capital Region Peace and Order Council confirmed the presence of “terror ‘cells’ in Manila, but not a threat.”

The LP politician alluded to, is none other than Mayor Herbert Bautista and LP member who also chairs the NCR Peace and Order Council.

When asked by Pinky Webb of the “Source”, CNN Philippines TV talk show about the presence of terror cells in Manila, Bautista responded: “Sa Metro Manila I believe, personally believe, talagang marami nang mga cells dito. Marami nang cells dito, at kailangang bantayan iyang mga cell na iyan [There are a lot of cells here, and they have to be watched],” Bautista, Chairperson of the National Capital Region Peace and Order Council.”

When pressed by Pinky Webb to elucidate his earlier statement, Bautista offers a ridiculous explanation and read:

“Ang Metro Manila para sa kanila, R&R nila yan e. Kunwari…pagkatapos ng giyera, punta sila sa urban centers tapos nagpapahinga sila dun,” he added. “Nagpapalamig, kape-kape, nag-eenjoy… tapos balik ulit sa giyera. Metro Manila for them is like United States or Europe.”

Former military rebel Abe Purugganan has a word for Mayor Herbert Bautista on his latest Facebook post.

If there are terror cells, they are definitely threats.
You don’t watch them. You neutralize them immediately.
Even if you are watching, they operate clandestinely and so you are not really watching. Their mere presence is a threat.

Do not allow Metro Manila to be a base of terrorists.
Complacency and naivety will endanger residents of Metro Manila.
Do not wait for a terror attack to happen.

Netizens join Puruggannan in showering Bautista with tender loving care. Lol

Vivian Sue Tabar says: Hello, you won’t call it “Terror cells” for nothing.Papansin!

Tessa Roines writes: “The word “terror” is already a threat by itself, dios mio – simple logic nasaan ka na?!”

Maginia Morales remarks: “This man is naive!!! What happened to lessons learned from recent events in London, Paris. Manchester, Brussels and Davao City. We do not need the Maute or BIFF to terrorize Manila. Ever heard of the “Lone Wolf”? Some guys are radicalized online and don’t need to go to the Middle East to learn the trade.”

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Source: The Source Pinky Webb

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